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  • Hey there!

    November 1st. Surgery day. My dooms day.

    I couldn’t sleep last night, kept thinking through things. One thing I thought about was, wether we die young, or live to be 102, life is short. Too short to be fearful to take risks, ask for what you want or worry about what people think. Random late night sleepless thought.

    Pulled up at the Women’s Centre at the Vancouver Hospital.

    leslie diamond center, vancouver hospital

    I was headed to floor 6.

    leslie diamond womens center

    The surgery was crappy. I’m not going to pretend it was hunky dory, cause it was shitty. Even though I am tough and can make it through anything- I don’t wish that upon anyone. My Leep procedure is done, and now any potential cancerous cells are gone from my body. Mike was holding my hand the whole time, and the doctor and nurses were very kind. I am very tired and out of it right now, so perhaps we can expand on it more at a later date. But again, my plea is that you get a yearly pap done. Cervix cancer can be detected well in advance if you get your yearly checkup.

    After the surgery, the nurse said to eat right away and don’t count calories! lol

    Mike and I met our friends Eden and Colin for lunch at Organic Lives.
    Organic Lives

    We sat down right before the lunch rush, this place did get BIZY!

    Organic Lives, Vancouver

    I got the Sicilian Wrap with a ceaser salad. Ah-maze-ing!

    Organic Lives, Sicilian wrap

    For dessert Mike and I shared the “ridiculous” (that’s really it’s name!) And Colin and Eden shared the “OMG” (yup, that’s it’s name too)

    Since I’ve been home I have travelled back and forth from the bed to the couch. This little hellion angel knows when it’s time to pour on his sweetness when I just need some comfort and cuddles.

    Here’s my station today… In between watching some Dog Whisperer re-runs. lol

    Going to bed now! Tomorrow is a new day. Love and light!