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  • Howdie!

    How’s your Monday been? Mine’s been good. Chalk full of voiceover revisions, jobs and auditions. I also just got back from a really intense bootcamp class at the REC center across the street. I was feeling the usual Monday laziness of “do I really have to go to the gym?”. When I need some inspiration, I text my brother to see what his training program is for the week, and that alone is enough to get off my butt.

    The blurry picture on the right is when he got 3rd in the Saskatoon half marathon. My bro trains himself and is a super successful athlete. (Thanks bro for always inspiring me)

    Also, I just learnt how to take a screen shot on my iphone (I always wondered how bloggers take pictures of their texts) You need to hold down the shut down button and press the home button twice.

    Do you love that info or what? Just so you know, this is now going to be a techie blog where I talk about the latest technology. (haha, ya right!)

    This will never be a techie blog, however, I am always open to try new things that could potentially lead to more health, abundance, vitality and overall quality of life:

    ENTER….My 30 day Raw Food “Celebration”!!!! I am blessed enough to have a friend guiding me through this challenge celebration. (One of his first tips was to call it a celebration and not a challenge… makes sense…) My help is from Chris Kendall, a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, lifelong athlete, and 100% Raw Food Lifestyle Coach.

    chris kendall, raw food coach
    Read the indepth interview I did with Chris a while back. It is great because I can always ask him any questions and he provides the utmost support and insight. I have also been doing a fair bit of reading on the topic and I am ready and excited to do a 30 day Raw Food Celebration. The last 2 weeks, I have been eating tons of fruits and veggies anyway, now it is just cutting out the processed garbage. I am still going to have the occasional black coffee and glass of red wine. Other than that, this quote from Chris sums up my next 30 days.

    “There is nothing nutritionally your body needs that can not be found in its highest quality, most easily digestible, and easily assimilated state than in fresh, ripe, raw, organic fruits, young tender leafy greens, vegetables,  nuts, and seeds.” Bam. there ya have it.

    Check out this video. I recently watched the whole movie.

    There is a curiosity I want to see for myself. If your not ready to try a raw “celebration”. Ask yourself, what are a couple processed things you can eliminate from your diet, or even better- add a delicious green shake to your breakfast menu.
    Here’s the yummy green shake I made today. (It’s kind of a variation of my old classic green shake)

    green shake

    I used frozen spinach, strawberries, banana, parsley, cilantro and kale.

    Add in freshly squeezed orange and lemon juice

    juicing oranges, juicing lemons, cuisinart juicer

    And Voila!  Vibrant enzyme filled drink in your belly!

    shake with kale
    Try your own variation. After a week of drinking these for breakfast- you will feel amazing.
    At the retreat this weekend, I met another Raw Food Guru, they call her “Raw Rose”. She has a Canadian Best selling Raw Food cook book and I was lucky enough to get a copy this weekend!!!!!
    Rose and I (we did an interview I will post once it’s edited)

    raw rose, raw uncooking book

    Most of the other people that attended the retreat were really inspired to stay raw after. We all got each others emails and are going to keep in touch and support one another.
    I will obviously keep you posted on my journey here. Guerilla Journalism at it’s finest. Today was day 1. I had bananas, kale, spinach, carrots, pineapple, peas, orange juice, cherries, strawberries. I worked out too and I’m feeling great! Day 1 has been a success.

    Thanks for stopping by!  Until we meet again…..


  • Hey ya!!! My weekend was fantastic. I feel like I am just skimming the surface with the live/raw foods thing. I am pretty passionate about it. I will never fully restrict myself from anything, or claim to be 100% this or that… but I do believe that raw foods heal and I am wanting to explore some more.

    thumbs up to raw fod

    Last nights raw gourmet dinner was like “pigs in a blanket”  but made with nut alfredo sauce, dates and eggplant (sounds gross, but I promise, it was so tasty.

    raw vegan dates wrapped in eggplant

    Main course was delicious fresh greens from the garden, with a garden burger made with carrots, peppers, flax seed, etc.

    sungarden burgers, raw food

    Can you believe this cheesecake is 100% raw/vegan. I watched her make it. Unreal. I am trying this recipe.

    raw vegan gourmet cheesecake

    What we ate this weekend was on the gourmet end of raw. One would never want to consume so many fats from nuts, but it is amazing food for the transitional period from a processed diet. Hits the spot/cravings on so many levels.

    ocean resort vancouver island

    After dinner and a little walk on the property Mike and I hit up the Steam Room….

    infrared sauna ocean resort

    And then double the heat with an infrared sauna session. I like the infrared better than the steam…. You?

    ocean resort sauna

    This rejuvenating weekend left someone tired…..

    Painter the bug puppy

    Painter was such a good boy the whole trip. We took the ferry home this afternoon.
    BC ferries

    Now at home and back to work tomorrow. I may be trying a raw food lifestyle for a while… we’ll discuss tomorrow.

    Have a fantastic evening! Sending you love, light and health and wealth!