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  • Hello!!

    This is a moment only dreams are made of…haha.

    When we checked into Ocean Resort last weekend, I found out I had a massage that same evening. We were in kind of a rush to make it to the first Raw Gourmet Dinner, so I quickly changed. I was wearing a g-string, but I wanted to put on granny undies since I was going in for the massage. (No masseuse wants to see my romping cheeks) So I put on my granny undies, but when I pulled up my pants, I guess my g-string hung on!!!!!


    g-string hanging out of pants

    Even funnier is that Mike was filming for a video we are making and he didn’t even notice… (unless he’s really just evil and I don’t know it, lol)
    I walked in and met a table full of people I didn’t know.

    Here’s a shot of the room minus the people.

    beautiful ocean resort

    I was also getting up to take my plate to the window so I could get better lighting for pictures.

    Half avocado with salsa and raw cracker

    I didn’t notice it until way after dinner when I was in the spa about to get my massage. I was like, “what the?” Then it all came together when Mike and I were going through the footage we took and THERE IT WAS! WOW….. I mean, I’ve had a sock hanging out of my pant leg before- but NEVER a g-string out of the back of my jeans!! That is one for the books.
    I’m sorry if that was TMI, but I had to share… Life is to short not to laugh these things off!

    Namaste = “I see your light”


    As for more subdued blog material, today was Day 4 of my Raw Food Challenge Celebration. I am going for 30 days!  Some people ask me, so what do you have to do to be 100% RAW? I was reading today and Gena, the blog’s author says it best,

    “I’m not 100% raw and don’t aspire to be: my goal is to get a wide array of nutrients from as many delicious, plant-based sources as I can. Exclusively raw diets work for some people, but many others find them either nutritionally or psychologically limiting. I do, however, believe that most people can experience tremendous health benefits from adding more raw food to their diets. The title of my blog, then, evokes a lifestyle that encourages us to eat “close to nature,” and and encourages to make choices every day that emphasize raw food.”

    Well said Gena. I couldn’t agree more. Everyone has there quotations and limits to what is “raw”, but really it’s what you make it. Eat as close to nature as possible. I must say though, I have been feeling great!  I miss cooked food when I make it for Mike (today I made him an omelet and then some pasta) Or when I see Mike put cream and sugar in his coffee and mine is black..

    During my challenge, I am trying not to think of what I can’t have, I am trying to see all I CAN have…

    …like frozen blueberries..

    frozen blueberries as a snack

    Or these lettuce wraps I threw together.

    avocado lettuce wraps

    Mushed up garlic, onion, avocado, tomato, and red pepper.

    guac with red pepper

    The were super quick and SUPER tasty.

    lettuce wraps with guac

    That’s about all I got today! I went to a nice yoga class at the REC centre across the street and am winding down for the evening.

    How was your day? Any embarrassing moments you’d like to share??? Please do!!! ;)


  • Good afternoon (evening by the time this is posted I’m sure…[update: yep, it's now after 8pm]

    I just got back from the dentist. My issue with dentists is an interesting one. Growing up, my mom always worked in a dentist office, (still does) so every time I went, she would be the one who greeted me at reception, held my hand during the whole process and let me RAID the prize drawer afterwards.

    (image source)

    Ha, that kid above was totally me, except I took one of everything! lol

    Now in my adult life, I am a weirdo and don’t like going to the dentist. There is a part of me that always wants my mom to walk in the room while I’m laying back on the chair and hold my hand. I basically don’t even give new offices a chance. I have a preconceived notion that I won’t like it before I even go. (then with the law of attraction in action- the universe gives me that- a bad experience)

    Like a big girl I survived. I got my little dentist “goody bag”.

    dentist goody bag

    Except I HATE sensitive teeth toothpaste. Eeew (anyone want it? lol)

    colgate sensitive teeth toothpaste, dentist sample

    Ha- funny thing was I got home and I still had this metal clip wrapped around my neck! What the??

    clips around neck from dentist

    So I did what anyone would do and made my dog a necklace out of it.

    muk muk necklace

    He’s making a fashion statement, like flava flav with the big clock around his neck, Painter has a big stuffed animal around his neck.

    Yo Yo Yo- New trend!

    flava flav, dog

    This trend was over faster than a New York minute!

    We made up the perfect game to tire him out. Mike and I sit on the grass far away from each other and call out his name and he does sprints back and forth. This game lasts a long time!bug puppy running

    Hee hee, what a guy. He’s so much fun.

    DAY 3 of my raw food challenge!!!! For breakfast I had 2 frozen blended bananas, strawberries and some cinnamon. Today has gone well, some smells of bread and bbq make me melt a bit- but I am feeling good.

    frozen bananas blended

    I also made some of my homemade Lara bars (just dates and almonds this time) and it really hits the spot. Munched on other raw foods, and finished a LONG LONG day with a glass of red wine:)

    I had almost 10 voice jobs today. Very busy and just kept rocking all day. Now I am so beat. Voicing takes a lot of energy. Even if your just narrating. You need the utmost concentration and focus. Constantly giving it everything you got. That is why you CANNOT be in a bad mood and voice something. WON”T WORK! We just tried to voice one last job this evening, but I just couldn’t give it the oomph it needed, so we packed it in.

    Now we are working on the video from our visit to Ocean Spa and Resort. Can’t wait to share it with you!!

    final cut pro

    Ahhhh, Port Moody sunset from my condo…

    Thanks for stopping by today! Much much love and light to you!

    Take care,


  • Hey ya!!! My weekend was fantastic. I feel like I am just skimming the surface with the live/raw foods thing. I am pretty passionate about it. I will never fully restrict myself from anything, or claim to be 100% this or that… but I do believe that raw foods heal and I am wanting to explore some more.

    thumbs up to raw fod

    Last nights raw gourmet dinner was like “pigs in a blanket”  but made with nut alfredo sauce, dates and eggplant (sounds gross, but I promise, it was so tasty.

    raw vegan dates wrapped in eggplant

    Main course was delicious fresh greens from the garden, with a garden burger made with carrots, peppers, flax seed, etc.

    sungarden burgers, raw food

    Can you believe this cheesecake is 100% raw/vegan. I watched her make it. Unreal. I am trying this recipe.

    raw vegan gourmet cheesecake

    What we ate this weekend was on the gourmet end of raw. One would never want to consume so many fats from nuts, but it is amazing food for the transitional period from a processed diet. Hits the spot/cravings on so many levels.

    ocean resort vancouver island

    After dinner and a little walk on the property Mike and I hit up the Steam Room….

    infrared sauna ocean resort

    And then double the heat with an infrared sauna session. I like the infrared better than the steam…. You?

    ocean resort sauna

    This rejuvenating weekend left someone tired…..

    Painter the bug puppy

    Painter was such a good boy the whole trip. We took the ferry home this afternoon.
    BC ferries

    Now at home and back to work tomorrow. I may be trying a raw food lifestyle for a while… we’ll discuss tomorrow.

    Have a fantastic evening! Sending you love, light and health and wealth!

  • Hey gang!

    I just got back from a fairly short run in my neighbourhood. While I was running, I was thinking about you….YES YOU!!! I was thinking how cool it is that this blog has evolved so much in just one short year! (Can’t believe on Aug.10 it will be my 1 year blogiversary) I’ve had so many great experiences through the medium of this blog.
    If you have been thinking about starting your own blog- my advice is…JUST DO IT. A lot of people tell me they aren’t sure what to write about, or they get on a role for a few posts and then burn out. Remember- there is inspiration ALL AROUND US!

    For example, I can talk about the empty water glass on my desk right now.
    regina pats

    I could tell you that…
    1. I wish it was full because I just got back from a run and I am thirsty, but I have my puppy sleeping on my lap and I don’t want to bug him.
    2. I can also tell you that this glass was given to me by the coach of the Regina Pats! When I was a radio dj in Regina, the coach dropped of a gift basket to welcome me to Regina and this cup was in it.
    3. It actually has a weird shape to it, but I like it. It’s kind of oval and I think it was a manufacturing malfunction, but I love the way it fits on my hand!

    Here’s me in Regina when I was on location for McHappy day! All smiles sisters!

    Mchappy day

    See? Blogging is easy. Don’t let that doubting mush in your head tell you otherwise! Have no fear and just do it:) If you have any questions about blogging, feel free to email me and I will try to help you out. (I am a vet with a year under my belt and all, haha)

    Today I did a guest blog post for Rethink Breast Cancer!! Read my post here! If you are visiting me from that website- PLEASE-stay a while!! “Like” this page and I will LOVE you forever more.

    Thanks!!! xoxo

    In other news, I found out today that I am going on a lil adventure this weekend. We are going to Ocean Resort on Vancouver Island for a Spa and Raw Food weekend! FUN. Remember yesterday when I said I wanted to get more into Raw food, wether it be a class or seminar or something…. WELL I FOUND IT ALL IN ONE PLACE!!

    The weekend includes:

    • Two nights accommodation with ocean-view and balcony
    • Two dinners, two breakfasts, one lunch
    • Raw food un-cooking class with our raw food chef
    • Group yoga session in our yoga room overlooking the ocean
    • Steam bath sessions in our brand new steam room
    • Educational videos on raw food

    ocean resort and spa

    ALL that for a price of $240 per person. It is a steal of a deal, they just started offering these weekends and once it catches on, I honestly wouldn’t doubt if prices go up. If you wanna go, here are the dates coming up.
    July 22, 23, 24
    July 29, 30, 31
    September 2, 3, 4
    September 30, October 1, 2

    I will let you know how it all goes down, but for more info, there website is

    In other totally random news- did you ever own a Furbie?? Remember those things?

    I auditioned today to be the voice of a new generation of these little critters. I never really do character voices, but I thought, heck I have the audition, I might as well try.. Here’s what I came up with….

    Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

    HAHA! Furbie kinda looks like my dog…..White and black with big ears….except Painters eyes are a lot further apart…..

    furbie vs dog

    Ok….past my bedtime!!!!!

    Thanks for stopping by. Have a furbie-licious evening!