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  • Hello!!!!

    The last couple days I have been back and forth through 5 lanes of traffic! Here we have downtown LA in the smog distance…


    Downtown LA

    For the last month, we have been living in a 4-plex with a bunch of musicians in the wonderful artsy community of Silver Lake.

    On the way to the dog park everyday  I would see this crazy looking thing… it’s art folks! :)

    crazy silver thing on silver lake blvd

    SUPER trendy coffee shop in Silver Lake. Always buzzing with the “Who’s who…”

    LA coffee mill

    But being the Saskatchewan born breeds that we are…with no Tim Hortons around, we skipped the fancy LA  Mill Coffee empire and went to 7-11 for our coffees!!! ha

    Is that a cactus in your pocket or…..haha…

    The dog park is situated on a reservoir. It was fun to walk around it on our journeys to the dog park.

    You can always tell their are “industry” people around you, but this is the only celeb I really spotted. Shirley Manson from Garbage is a HUGE dog lover and goes to Silver Lake with her pup.

    But alas…Goodbye Silver Lake…the next part of our extended vacation has taken us TO THE BEACH. Here is a view from our new pad. You CAN see the ocean from our balcony, but it is just a sliver and you can’t see it in this pic.

    Painter LOVES the beach burring his chicken bone in my purse.  (Nice surprise when I’m reaching in for my lip gloss!!!)

    We are a path away from the water.. omg!

    Here was the sunset that just happened.

    I looked behind me and at the same time that the sun was setting, the moon was peeking up- getting ready to do its thing!!!

    Ahhh, I am so happy to be settled in here. I worked hard today editing a big project, then voicing a new one. But I am now caught up. Tomorrow I am cleaning the Silver Lake place, getting my hair trimmed and seeing where the day takes me….(probably to the beach… There are 1000 volleyball nets up, so I am buying a volleyball asap!)

    Hope you are doing awesome. Now that I’m more settled here for a while, I can keep up with the blogging action!!! Awesome neighbours here too. We enjoyed the musicians we were surrounded by in Silver Lake, but when your a voiceover artist and need a quiet space- being surrounded by musicians isn’t the most convenient situation;)

    (“always putting a positive spin on things” is my middle name)


  • Did I spell Exercising right? It’s on of those words I’ve spelt wrong my whole life, other words that have been a challenge for me are ridiculouspractice, nessisary or Accommodate. However…writing this blog for the past 1.5 years has made me a better SPELLER! Woo Hoo! They should have an adult spelling bee… (or maybe not). I write the most simple words ever. Never anything fancy like supercalafragilisticexpeealidocious! haha

    Moving on… or shall I say moving on UP… a whole wack of stairs!. There are many stairs in my neighbourhood. This is me standing half way up the set. Looking down and what I just came up….


    And then looking up at how far I had to go. I felt stuck in the middle of heaven and hell… (I’m on fire tonight folks)

    Basically I want to check in with you on your exercising….the brain…and the body. Are you moving that sexy body on a daily basis? Are you learning, reading or keeping your mind stimulated on things of interest to you? Hobbies? Interests? A Passion? I know I have to remind myself of this often and I bet you are doing amazing, I just wanted to write it down, mainly to keep me motivated.. (Does that make sense?)
    Hear me out…. If I could, I would eat mexican everyday and always stay IN my comfort zone. BUT, what fun is that? I have been taking tons of classes (for you guessed it, voice) which in result is upping my game. ALSO… I’ve been moving my butt…

    Here I just walked to the dog park… easy… but to get there, yes I took those stairs above!

    I’m grateful I can at least walk outside right now…This is what my hometown looks like today: -40 some degrees out there!!!

    And we’re in t-shirt weather….

    At the dog park today. Painter LOVES it. It’s like Disneyland for him everyday.

    I also had an awesome yoga class today…

    This picture below was not my class, but I am telling you… this yoga class was the BUSIEST class I have been to in my entire life. There was a line up out the door, but they just made room for everyone, they even had to take out furniture out of the yoga studio, it was nuts…. but the OMS were magical! Like make your arm hairs raise. Powerful stuff.

    So ya, there ya have it. Using this brand new year to move and learn. (just don’t ask me to spell) It’s been slow getting there, but I feel like I’m back in my groove. I went for 2 runs in the past week too and my foot is feeling better! YA!


    I hope your having a great week! I CAN SEE YOUR LIGHT (aka- Namaste)

  • Hey!

    So last week we had a meeting with the ever-amazing Stormtech to talk about shooting some videos for the 2012 Spring line. Well, I had a super far out idea that I just shot out there, I prefaced it with, “I know this might sound crazy, but what if..” and turns out… my idea wasn’t crazy at all… We are going to California!

    In November we will be driving down the coast shooting videos with some ridiculously talented people. We are teaming up with a Pro Kite surfing champ in San Francisco, an award wining hollywood stuntman in Orange County, some friends of mine that are also actors in LA and maybe an interview with an NFL trainer. We’ll see on that one. We will be documenting our trip the whole way, so get ready for a wild ride!!!

    I know all about wild rides. I lived in LA back in the day, doing the rock and roll thing…

    Amanda Sellers

    A lot of my crazy experiences… all the touring I did, looking back I can’t even believe it….

    Music video…

    Playing at the Viper Room in Hollywood.

    Amanda Sellers, Viper room

    Out for dinner with 90210′s Kathleen Robertson. (let’s just say she was a friend of a friend) I was wearing her glasses in this picture, I did not have glasses back then… like I do now, haha

    Kathleen Robertson, LA

    Oh Hollywood, how I’ve missed you! Can’t wait to go back!

    There are parts of LA I just love. If I could live there 6 months out of the year, I would…and I think I just might at some point…we’ll see…or at least visit more for longer periods of time. We are subletting a place, so that makes it possible.

    I just like all the things you can do and see. There are amazing voiceover workshops happening…EVERYDAY. Lots of hosting opportunities, raw food restaurants, ocean, disneyland, shopping, hot sunny weather…..hmmmm….

    Mike and I went a couple years ago. Here we are hiking in the hollywood hills.

    One of my favourite stops is the Rainbow Bar and Grill. Will definitely be going there.

    Rainbow Bar and Grill

    Snap, snap, back to reality. Still have lots of work to get through here… It’s been a good day…cleaning in between voicing. Multitasking champion over here..

    Hoep your doing great… my vitamix should be here any day now…

  • Hello!!!!

    OOOOOO MAN… I came to a local restaurant to upload pics and do a proper blog and lo and behold- I forgot the chip reader for my camera. SOOO.. the only photos I have are cell phone pics… Should be up and running tomorrow.

    The move was absolutely exhausting. I feel hungover just from the move alone. We hauled A$$ for almost 24 hours straight. YES, yes, yes, I learnt a lesson. I am as tough as wonder woman, but sometimes I should just give it up to professionals. We are swimming amongst boxes and random stuff everywhere… but at least.. we are here… all moved in.

    HA- I found this old poster of me when I modeled for Tonic (in Saskatoon)tonic saskatoon

    I took a picture of it and threw it away.

    THIS picture was taken from bed when I woke up this morning!!

    One of my favorite things about our new place is that we will never, ever, ever have to close the blinds. All light- all the time. I love it.

    I love how some people think Port Moody is soo far away. Yes it is outside of downtown Vancouver.. But it is not that big of a deal. It’s not like the time I moved from Los Angeles, CA TO North Battleford, SK. Now THAT was a big difference, and I loved both places for different reasons (ok- maybe LA a bit more)

    But I can see the beauty in both. Port Moody however is the perfect place for me at this time in my life. I am sooo happy with the long thought out decision to call this place home.

    I will still frequent downtown! I have a wine tasting event in Yaletown tomorrow night! But this oasis in the little mountain village is a freaking amazing place to come home to!

    Woo Hoo. Sorry about the ghetto cell phone pics. I have Tomboy That Wears Makeup Of The Month coming tomorrow!! (she is a gem, a gem I say!)

    Have a wonderful Sunday Funday and stay classy!