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  • Hi hi hi hi hi hi hi!

    So far in the last week some exciting things have happened.

    We got a dog. He is a pug/boston terrier cross. After looking at 1000 different dog names and even playing games where on the count of 3 Mike would say some syllables and I would say syllables at the same time and we would see what came out… Nothing inspiring!

    Mike “tre”

    Me “lee


    ya, the game didn’t work to well.

    bug puppy

    Of course like everyone we wanted a unique name. I thought of “Painter” cause he looks like he stepped in white paint and he also has random white splashes all over his body. I also like the name since a “painter” is a creative artist and you know the artsy fartsy side of  me would like that!!!!!

    For the first night having a puppy- he slept really good. Welcome to our home doll face!!

    bug puppy

    We have also been camping!alouette lake

    Alouette Lake is amazing.

    alouette lake

    We have also hiked Grouse Mountain! Jasper was so excited to do the grind! His mom was too!

    Time to switch and let dad take the baby! Having a baby on your back up the grind must be a killer leg workout!!

    grouseHe was so chill the whole way up!

    He is such a little outdoorsy boy! He is such a tough little trooper and he LOVES the outdoors. (yup-he’s a Sellers alright!!!)

    I have been LOVING my time with the new addition to our family, and also having my brother and his family here is soo awesome.

    I’ve been busy with the family so I don’t have too much time to talk and talk (write and write) but I will be back in action soon. These are the moments that make life so special and I am really cherishing them and enjoying myself.

    Have a freaking awesome weekend!!


    Amanda and Painter :)

  • Hey!

    Just got back from Grouse Mountain. We were filming/hiking for a Stormtech video that we’re making.

    I normally don’t hike Grouse in my hikers, (It’s light terrain- just steep;) but I felt like a little extra support today. Oh how I love my hikers. They have gotten me through much, including trenching through the rising waters on the West Coast Trail.

    Mike this morning getting his camera gear ready

    Uh oh, the shoot calls for black pants, which Mike doesn’t have…. Quick stop at Walmart for inexpensive black pants!

    walmart pants $10

    Conditions on Grouse were decent. Couldn’t even see the top!grouse grind, february

    Getting the shots we need….

    I’m feeling A LOT better than yesterday. I have ridiculously sensitive skin and I got a skin allergy yesterday that lead me stright to the doctors office…. BOOOO… Not a good day. I missed my triathlon training… Another BOOOO… I know- it was my skin that was messed, I physically probably could have run, but my head and my heart were not in working order… So I stayed home and went to bed super early.

    Oh well… like my coach says- don’t beat yourself up for missing a workout… So I hiked today, tomorrow I am swimming and biking. I also decided to run a HALF MARATHON ON SUNDAY!! WHAT??? YUUUP.  I’m feeling strong and I am just going to do it to finish it, I don’t mind if I even walk part of it. This is not for competing, just for a Sunday Funday!

    OMG another exciting moment in my day- I think my dishwasher fixed itself. OHH YAAA! It was being a jerk- but I think we’re all good now… SMILES AND HIGH FIVES FOR EVERYONE!

    K, I better get going…. still have projects to voice, even though I am BEAT. Maybe I’ll voice tomorrow… maybe sleep now… hmmm….

    Regardless…. thanks so much for stopping by. I truly hope you had a GREAT day! Anything good happen to you today?