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  • Hey!

    How art thou?? Good day here at our camp. It was my momma’s birthday today! She said she had a great day, so her lil daughter was happy about that!

    Amanda Sellers

    My mom has always been so supportive in ANYTHING I choose today, but my only complaint is- What is with this mullet when I was a youngster? (It was probably my idea! ha) This was on stage when I was about 8 years old on my right (the guy lookin off to the side) is actually playing music when I walk down the isle! How cool hey?! Here I was attempting to sing, “Put another Log on the fire.”

    At least I had the whole cool, boots over the pants thing happening!

    Check out this cartoon I got made ($10) ha

    Here’s a shot from our engagement pics.

    The wedding is starting to sink in more and more everyday. Some pretty amazing stuff happening in the new year, but I will fill you in, AFTER the wedding. One exciting thing at a time, (lol)
    DAY 10 of my cleanse. NOPE, I can’t believe it either!! This cleanse is getting me REALLY inspired again by raw foods. I am wanting to get a dehydrator asap and continue blending with my Vitamix. Lately I’ve been watching some documentaries like Food Matters, Food INC, Forks over Knives, Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead,etc and DAMN I want to be vegan forver. (And ultimately raw) I know there are legit farms and organic meats being produced, so I am not judging at all. This is just my choice, based on my opinion of A) what I am learning and B) How a plant based diet makes me feel.

    Here was this morning’s shake

    Today I discovered how I can actually push in WAY more spinach once the Vitamix is going, so I started with what you see above and added about 4 cups more spinach and here was the result…mmmmm. It was spinach “heavy” but I still loved it.

    Something I deal with is staying raw (even vegan) in social settings. Check out Girl On Raw’s tips for dealing with social settings. I LOVED it.

    Ok, I’m rocking and rolling. Don’t want to, but life is calling.. OH..Read this and please say it to yourself today, tomorrow and the forever more!

    Absolutely. Look out…. xoxoxo

  • Hello!

    Well, today I was going to write a post about Celebrating your successes, which we should all do. You know the “High 5″ moments throughout the day that keep us going… but…I got busy and did not have time to write… so, the ONE and only success I will celebrate today is when I went to Superstore and I didn’t run down every isle like a mad amazon woman looking for THESE:


    PC recipe

    Don’t those look good? mmmm. Oh ya. SNAP. Day 9 of my Green Smoothie cleanse.  I got an email that we helped inspire Natasha to start a 7 day Green Smoothie Cleanse! Check out her blog here and follow her journey! You go girl!

    It has been an incredible journey so far, I am taking my Vitamix EVERYWHERE with me from now on.

    Green Smoothie Cleanse

    I was thinking about the wedding today… I thought this picture was sweet. More like an engagement picture though? Could you see me in a dress doing that? Hmmm, Plus we are on New Years, not Christmas. I think our photog has some amazing ideas planned;) I CANNOT WAIT!

    The the next topic is wedding makeup. I loved this look…now to only create it… (it’s from Sephora’s new Party Eyes booklet, They tell you what they use. But that is all for sales. You know she has a million other layers on than just what they suggest. Stila‘s “kitten” eyeshadow was the brow highlighter. I NEED more of that stuff. It is amazing. (for eyelids too)

    Sephora #3 holiday look

    I “think” these are the lashes I am going to wear. They look crazy long, but on, they don’t look that crazy. I like the look of them

    I am wearing them in this shot below from our “BC wine” video.

    Haven’t seen our BC wine vid? Here it is. It was for “The Vino’s”. We made it to the finals!

    hee hee. Not exactly how he proposed….

    Have a Happy mid-December-ish day. Oh Holy Night! xo

  • Happy Monday!!!

    Day 8 of my cleanse! I have never lasted this long on any kind of cleanse before. In certain moments, I honestly feel like I could do this forever, then other moments, I feel like I need to eat something! I am getting in about 1500 calories in everyday, which is actually really good, considering my workouts have been light, (If at all) I missed the gym the last couple days, but will definitely go tomorrow. So I don’t feel hunger, just miss eating…chewing something…. But the ideal thing about smoothies is that your body is not needing to spend tons of effort on digesting, so it has time to clean up toxins throughout the body. Plus, it would take forever to chomp down all those greens, so blending them makes it super easy to provide your body with a MEGA supply of micronutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

    Green Smoothie Cleanse

    This morning was a blend of lemon juice, mixed berries, 2 banana’s, romaine lettuce, celery, cilantro,and parsley.

    My Vitamix infuses everything together..

    Vitamix, green smoothie

    Into a glass of wholesome goodness!! Here’s to our health.

    Green Smoothie Cleanse

    In other news, we think Santa might ask Painter to guide his sleigh this year, so we are training him to pull! He hasn’t got air yet, but with all the energy he has, we know he’ll be flying soon.

    taking dog rollerblading

    On our excursion, I ran into a dear friend whom I haven’t seen since Spring! Angela was out walking her pups, Sammy and Frodo. So nice to see her and catch up.

    Love ya girl!

    OK, Have you ever accidently texted the wrong person? I saw this on facebook yesterday…

    haha! And it reminded me of the time I did this.. (in 2010)

    OMG! How embarrassing! ha. Not once, but twice! Another funny one is when my mom accidently texted Mike and wrote, “Love you sweetie!”.

    I’ll leave you today with some holiday cheer…

    “Santa Claws” is coming to town! xoxo

  • Hello there!

    How goes the holiday season? I am doing things a little backward this holiday season. I am starting a cleanse before Christmas, while most might consider it after. I want to feel amazing inside out. I want my cells to shine brighter than the star atop my Christmas tree. (cheezy! haha)

    Today is DAY 2!! Wow, honestly anything after day 1 feels like a big accomplishment. It is not an easy thing to do… but if I can do it, you can do it!

    This morning I woke up and right away got out my Vitamix to start rocking and rolling on a morning smoothie. I did my “classic” green shake. (Which I will share with you tomorrow, when I share a video of the recipe!)

    I started with Cucumber, celery, parsley…

    Added in spinach, ginger and lemon juice.  In my old blender I used to cut off the skin off the ginger, but with the Vitamix, it is demolishes the skin into bits and I could never tell it was left on.


    Then a banana and hit blend! What a refreshing way to start the day!

    In my second shake of the day, I added in a pear….mmm,

    Then after the gym, I needed sugar and high calories! I blended up a mainly fruit smoothie, with a bit of spinach..

    I shared with Mike this time…


    “Let thy Food be thy Medicine and thy Medicine be thy Food” – Hippocrates

    Still not sure that a plant based diet will save lives? If you have a bit of time. Please watch this documentary!

    If you don’t have time to watch it now, definitely check it out when you can. I also watched another documentary today called “Food Matters”. More good stuff about how you really can heal disease through nutrition. I am a believer.

    One of my weak moments today was holding the door open for a guy who had 2 Starbucks coffee’s in his hand. They were probably Peppermint Mocha Latte…In that moment, I was like, “ugh, I want a latte for me and a friend.” But I remember the “why’s”. and remembered “This too shall pass.”

    Other than that, today I did some wedding stuff, went to the gym, finished a big voiceover project and took care of some business. Good day at our camp. Hope yours was great too!


    Be in touch!