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  • Hello! Happy holiday to those who are not working today!!!!

    Aug. 1….. Moving Day for some, SLOW elevator day for others…Must have sat there and waited for 15 minutes.

    love in an elavator

    I am an adventure athlete that will run 23km by the north pole, but 21 flights of stairs was a stretch.

    frostbite 45

    Today is supposed to be our Tomboy That Wears Makeup Of The Month post, BUT she is a very busy gal and I will post it as soon as I hear from her!!! I saw on facebook today that June’s Feature, Jenny Fletcher is on the cover of Running magazine for September!!! That is so cool!

    I went to the gym today and did elliptical and some weight training. I am running a 10km at the end of August, so I need to get out there and run some miles under my belt. (foot…still lame-o though…)

    We are running the Cornfest Fun Run in Taber, Alberta! My brother and his wife are also doing it with us. Shall be fun! Eat corn after:)

    taber corn fest, alberta

    Last night I dehydrated some kale chips over night and in the morning, we had a Kale Fest!

    best batch of kale chips ever!

    I was so shocked at how well the dehydration feature on my oven works. Amazing.

    dehydrate feature on oven

    Other than admiring Jenny Fletcher and my dehydrator I actually had to work today.

    I voiced that “teenage” spot for isoccer and I did a phone system.

    OHHH, have you watched this video yet????

    Nice hey?? We had cute footage of Painter running around the resort, but it didn’t make the final cut…haha..

    What a guy….

    bug puppy

    Think I’m going to get outside again. It’s a really beautiful evening…. Take care and talk soon! Thanks for being here…..


  • Lets not waste anytime here….

    As I was making a cucumber, tomato, onion, pepita salad

    with goddess dressingI thought to myself… What is the difference between pepitas and pumpkin seeds??

    Maybe your smarter than thou… but I didn’t know. Thanks to google I discovered that…. Pepitas are pumpkin seeds that are shelled

    Pumpkin SeedsFancy shelled pumpkin seeds AKA PepitasHealth benefits of these lil puppies:

    Pumpkin seeds are a very good source of beta carotene, Omega 3, protein, minerals magnesium and manganese, iron, zinc and copper and vitamin K.

    I was sooooo excited to learn that, that I ran downstairs and went on the Eliptical machine and thought of pumpkin seeds the WHOLE TIME. Nothing else. Just Pepitas…

    Okay! On to the next IMPORTANT topic of the day. I need you to do me a favour… Will you watch this video? It is from our Yellowknife adventure. It’s testament that- YOU CAN DO ANYTHING!

    The only limits we have are ones that we place on ourselves!!

    Our next video is going to be on YOGA.. not as adventurous, but I guarantee it will be a smash hit:) We are going to film at Semperviva in Kits! Remember when I did 30 days of yoga in a row there?

    I better run… but I look forward to catching up tomorrow!!
    Amen sisters! Be your own hero…. YOU ARE INCREDIBLE…xoxoxo


  • Alright! This is the first Monday of Spring! That is a goooood thing!

    I am in Yellowknife and it is “warm” temperatures for up North here…but it is still a wee bit chilly;)

    But-cha-know… it’s all good!

    Yesterday…I completed the most challenging trek of my life… (I was debating in my head if the West Coast Trail is harder, or if Frostbite 45 is harder… I’m going to say they are both EXTREMELY challenging…but if you compare one day on the West Coast Trail to one day hiking in the Arctic, the Arctic is harder!)

    Race Day started in the Ski Chalet, getting ready for the big start..Yellowknife, frostbite 45, NWT, winter, spring
    TIP- if you ever use hiking poles, the recommended hight is 3 inches below your armpit. I had to raise these puppies….Yellowknife, frostbite 45, NWT, winter, spring

    Ahhhh, here we are at the start line, weather is -30….. I will hike the first 22.5 km and Mike will hike the last 22.5 km…
    Yellowknife, frostbite 45, NWT, winter, spring
    And away we go!!!
    As soon as I started the race my sunglasses froze to my face…I had to take my sunglasses off…but in orientation they said- DO NOT take your shades off, as the risk of snow blindness was high at this time of year since the reflection off the snow was SOOO bright…scary…But…I carried on…

    I had a head camera on, so we are in the midst of making a video of the whole experience, (which is RAD)

    But in the meantime….I made it to the first check point, by this point I could barely open my eyes! The icicles were so heavy! (Heavier than any fake eyelashes I have ever worn, lol)

    Yellowknife, frostbite 45, NWT, winter, spring

    I was at a check point, so I got to drink some (un-frozen!) water

    I had a quick break here (at km 14.5) and re-fueled, got to say hi to Marianne, Craig and Mike.. I told them of my stories so far… “And then this happened… and then OMG this happened and I was chased by a pack of imaginary wolves and then….”

    Am I going crazy?? Maybe…

    But.. I said goodbye and carried on to complete my last 8km!

    While I went through yonder, Mike was waiting for me to say, “go….hand….” (like in highschool track and field when your in a relay and about to pass the baton)

    And… I finally finished the last 8km and got through my total of 22.5km

    yellowknife, frostbite 45, 2011, NWT

    We did the trade off…

    yellowknife, frostbite 45, 2011, NWT

    and Mike was off to do his 22.5km…

    yellowknife, frostbite 45, 2011, NWT

    While Mike was putting in his distance, my main mission was to get warm!

    yellowknife, frostbite 45, 2011, NWT

    We waited at the check points to make sure Mike made it through, they had tipi’s and tents at the check points that racers could warm up in…..

    yellowknife, frostbite 45, 2011, NWT
    yellowknife, frostbite 45, 2011, NWT

    AND…they had make-shift toilets in the tipi’s….UMMMM, ya, I REALLY, REALLY  had to go while I was waiting in the car.. but “Ummm, I’m okay, I’ll wait…”yellowknife, frostbite 45, 2011, NWT

    8hrs 50 minutes later… Mike crossed the finished line and Team Stormtech finished the race!!yellowknife, frostbite 45, 2011, NWT

    We placed 6th in the team relay! We were soo proud… The race was amazing. We lucked out that there was no major winds. YES, it was cold, but not as bad as it could have been. Would I do it again? In a heart beat!

    Hope all is well in your world! I ADORE YOU. YOU ARE AMAZING.

  • “Well the times gettin’ hard for you little girl I’m a hikin’ and a bikin’ all over this world!”

    AHHH! It’s race day!
    Yesterday we got to Yellownife and met up with Marianne and Craig (Mike’s sister and brother in law)Yellowknife, Frostbite 45, NTW
    Backyard at where we are staying!Yellowknife, Frostbite 45, NTW
    We went out and tested out our snowshoes right away (we might need them in the race- they are a mandatory piece) Yellowknife, Frostbite 45, NTW

    YAY I can do it!Yellowknife, Frostbite 45, NTW
    BEST support system you could EVER ask for!!!! <3Yellowknife, Frostbite 45, NTW

    Then we went to the pre race orientation and the filled us in on things like how to deal with frost bite, hypothermia, if you fall in a lake, wild life, snow blindness, etc…Yellowknife, Frostbite 45, NTW
    My bib happens to have my favorite number in it (#27)Yellowknife, Frostbite 45, NTW
    Mike and his race bib!Yellowknife, Frostbite 45, NTW

    Back at the house Marianne made us a delicious meal last night!

    The most yummy veggie lasagna! (I’m getting the recipe!)

    I thought the glass of wine might help me forget what I am about to do….. but it didn’t! ha

    Some of our mandatory gearYellowknife, Frostbite 45, NTW

    THIS IS THE TERRAIN I AM ABOUT TO COVER!Yellowknife, Frostbite 45, NTW

    OK- here I go! wish me luck!

    Happy Saturday! Stay warm……

  • Oh Monday… Be good to me;) lol

    Last night I couldn’t sleep :( and as the icing on the cake, Mike was snoring AND talking in sleep. Here is what went down in the middle of the night…

    Mike “Do you have anything?”
    Me “What do you mean?”
    Mike “Do you have anything????” (a bit louder this time)
    Me “Mike! Do I have anything what? What do you mean? Your talking in your sleep!”
    Mike “Do you have anything recorded yet?”

    At this point I woke him up. It freaks me out when he’s sleep talking!! He does this now and again, he’s done it in front of my brother too. Apparently Mike was sleeping and he said “BOO!” really loud and starts laughing- All in his sleep!!

    Ahhh, the joys of sharing your life with someone! (and your bed, haha) We have a queen size- I want a king!

    When we are fully awake we have been getting our supplies ready for our 45km trek this weekend in Yellowknife!

    Here is our check list from the website:

    Mandatory Equipment

    • Route map (provided by us)
    • Backpack
    • Thermos (1 litre at least)
    • Fire starter (i.e., lighter or matches)
    • Personal first aid kit (with blister supplies)
    • Headlamp & spare batteries
    • Red LED light for your backpack
    • Emergency food of 1000 calories (about 4 granola bars)
    • Knife or multi-tool
    • Space blanket or bivvy bag
    • Spare heavyweight toque
    • Spare heavyweight mitts
    • Spare heavyweight socks
    • Sunglasses
    • Whistle
    • Windbreaker
    • Appropriate clothing for the event!!

    Optional items:

    • Drinking cup (for water at checkpoints)
    • Sunblock and lip balm
    • Pocket heat packs
    • Ski goggles

    See the 8th item on the list?

    -Emergency food of 1000 calories (about 4 granola bars)

    Well looky here, how about we make our own Granola Bars?homemade granola bars, vegan, raw


    -1.5 cups of oats

    -1/2 cup of coconut

    -1 ripe banana

    1/2 cup of chocolate chips (or as many as you want)

    1/2 raisins (which I didn’t have, so I went without)

    1/2 cup maple syrup or agave nectar

    1/2cup peanut butter (I used almond butter)

    2Tb of flax seed (optional)

    1.5 tsp cinnamon

    1tsp vanilla

    I have the WORST handwriting known to man….

    All your gear

    Start by mashing up your banana in a bowlhomemade granola bars

    Start to add in all your other ingredients… Oats, coconuthomemade granola bars
    My favourite ingredient! Chocolate chipshomemade granola bars

    Mix it well.

    Then I lined a tupperware container with saran wrap and pressed it down.homemade granola bars

    I left them to sit over night in the freezer to congeal and took them out this morning and cut em uphomemade granola bars

    They are super yummy and taste A LOT like Cliff Barshomemade granola bars

    If you make your own- be creative. You can add in whatever appeals to you…
    OK…one thing is checked off the Mandatory list! haha

    This is a super exciting week, filled with action… If you are looking for something fun to do, join us this Wednesday at The Healthy Chef Competition and dinner at The Hyatt Regency Vancouver! It’s a competition between local chefs to see who can make the best tasting dishes out of local produce and healthy foods.Every guest will be given a generous box of produce: apples, pears, bananas, oranges, lemons, potatoes, squash, dried mushrooms, and snow peas, along with recipes and lots of great nutritional ideas! I cannot wait to attend this event!!! Tickets are here!

    Now, Mike and I are off to get a helmet camera for our upcoming adventure in Yellowknife. Wooo Hooo!


    Question for you:

    In this moment, what are you thankful for?