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  • Me having a big resolutions list is probably not a big surprise to you.. ha..

    I know some real dedicated people out there don’t make New Years Resolutions- because they live their best life continuously and don’t feel the need for a big list of resolutions… I, on the other hand, am a dedicated cat, but I definitely have let things go over the holidays. I find the holidays are a big (happy) interruption…

    Everything gets thrown outta wack and January is a perfect time to reset.  In the last couple years, I’ve hit some major goals for myself (such as becoming full time self employed this year!)
    Why stop there? 2011 is going to be the best year yet. At the end of this year, I want to read over this blog post and say- yup, I did it all. I am not going to post everything on here, but I will share with you the majority of what my resolution list looks like:

    1. Complete another Olympic Distance Triathlon

    2. Complete 2 Sprint Distance Triathlon’s

    3. Do at least one half-marathon, a 10km and hike the West Coast Trail- again!

    4. Follow a Vegan, clean eating diet (as best as I can). Don’t beat me up if you see me eating nachos with cheese at the local pub! lol If you want some tips on getting started on a more plant based diet, I recommend reading this.

    5. Host or guest host a TV show

    6. Voice a major phone system like Telus, A T and T, Rogers…something BIG and recurring. (Or voice any major recurring US or Canadian National Spots!)

    7. Make over 6 figures this year with my creative endeavor$ (voice/hosting/makeup/blog)

    (whether I’m in the scene)

    (or behind the scenes)

    8. Meditate at least once per week.

    9. Continue to inspire as many people as possible and keep putting out positive energy into the universe

    10. Get MARRIED!

    The love of my life proposed at midnight on New Years Eve, I totally didn’t see it coming. I hoped that it wouldn’t be too much longer until he popped the question, but he played it off really well! It was such a perfect night, and a perfect start to 2011!

    What are your resolutions?  I would love to hear what your goals are for this year!! DO SHARE!!

    Don’t be afraid to dream big. YES, we don’t want to set ourselves up for failure, however:

    Dreamers are the saviors of the world.

    Right? And goals are just dreams with deadlines. I don’t always hit my goals at the time I set for that particular goal, however I keep pushing on, because I feel that the person I become in pursuit of my dreams is just as important as achieving the dreams themselves. Shoot for the moon and ya might land among the stars….

    Here’s to 2011!

    I believe in you!


    PS. I am on day 2 of a 3 day juice cleanse. I have been drinking the green shake. I’ll give you an update tomorrow.

  • Good morning friends…and mom!

    This week is off to a great start. I’ve been keeping up nicely with my P90X routine. Last night I was doing the yoga dvd and during one of my downward dogs, I peered through the window and I caught a glimpse of the sunset. I immediately stopped the dvd, put on my running shoes and went for a run. It was WAY to nice to be inside. I am all for structure and discipline to complete the task at hand (like finishing up my yoga) BUT when opportunity knocks…..go for it.

    Other opportunities that knocked today:
    I got a call from Groupon! Look So Beautiful Makeup will be featured on their website during a Christmas promotion they are having, so not for a couple months yet, but it will be exciting to be a part of. Basically I offer my service to them at a discounted rate, in return for an insane amount of press and traffic.

    I know that here in Vancouver, every morning when I wake up there is a deal in my inbox and it’s always fun to see what’s the “deal of the day”. Most major cities across America have Groupon. I totally recommend it.

    There are also a lot of other “deal sites” coming up. A couple others that I often check are:

    Do you know any others I should know about?

    I just got a couple tickets to a Aldor Acres pumpkin patch from Living Social.

    AND I bought 2 sets of 20 bootcamp classes for Michael and myself. I went to go sign us up and I get an email back
    “Just as a heads up – our camps are women only, so I dont think your boyfriend will be too comfortable!”
    OOPS!! It was a happy accident because now I can give it to you!!!

    If you want 20 FREE bootcamp classes in the Vancouver area from Metabody-Leave a comment below and tell me why you should win! I will do a random draw and let you know who won on tomorrow’s post. They have different locations in Van, indoor and outdoor!

    I have to get at some work done here, so let’s talk tomorrow!

    Have a wonderful, fabulous, inspired day!

    Daily Affirmation-“I now discover how wonderful I am. I choose to love and enjoy myself.”-Louise Hay

  • Alright! Let’s step this up a notch:)

    I have been locked in a sound booth for about 3 weeks, although I still have work to do, It’s time to squeeze fitness back into my life. I have been eating really well, which is great. (except for yesterday…friends birthday party equals= a few beer and deep fried food…oops:)

    So now the challenge. Starting today I am hiking a local mountain called Grouse, and I am going to a yoga class for 7 days in a row! Hike and yoga everyday for 7 days. I know what my body can handle, and if I just hiked for a week, or just did yoga, it wouldn’t be as big of a challenge. For me, this is a challenge. I completed my first day and I feel great. A bit tired since I was out kinda late last night, but I am ready to give’r. Check out a yoga studio near you, they usually have an amazing introductory deal.For example I paid $20 to give yoga a try at a new place near me.

    What is a challenge to you? We are all at different levels in our fitness. For my friend Lindy, a challenge for her would probably be running 25km a day, for Sequel’s founder Brendan Brazier, he works out 8 hours a day when he is in training mode. However, depending on what level you are at, a challenge could be a 30 minute walk everyday, swimming a few laps before work, doing stairs in your apartment, or going to an aerobics class at your local gym.

    What could you do to challenge yourself for one week? You can do it!!! I find that if I set the bar high for a short amount of time, it is easier to get back in the flow of making it a regular, habitual thing.
    I need to get back in the flow of consistent training, no matter what the day planner looks like. I sleep better, my skin is better, I am happier. Plus, showing ourselves discipline is a huge confidence booster! I heard it takes 21 days to turn something into a habit, so go for 7 and you may keep on rolling from there:)Me hiking this morning

    View from the top-you can almost see my apartment:)

    Looking to the right, again from the top of Grouse

    Then it’s yoga time…check out this move

    wowzers, how do you do that??!!

    I can at least do this move!

    I am getting up at 5:30am to fit this in my schedule. I will be keeping you updated throughout the week.  Let me know how you are doing!!! Start your week when you are ready!!

    Daily affirmation “I trust my inner wisdom”-Louise Hay

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