I was walking along the street to pilates and I kept looking down the sidestreets at the most beautiful sunset and after about the 5th block, I thought—”Why the heck am I not walking on this parallel street and not along the beach?” Sometimes I’m not the sharpest pencil in the pencil case? (I don’t even know how that saying goes..)

Pilates was AWESOME tonight. I love trying new things, I’m always up for an adventure. I put on my way overpriced toeless “tread socks” and Painter was looking up at me like, “I swear, I didn’t eat these ones!”

stars, tread socks, pilates
I’m gonna go as much as I can though. I really want to see some definition! Come on!

Wanna hear the latest gossip? 2 really good family friends of Mike’s family and my family MET and fell in LOVE on the night of our wedding. Our long time family friend Chad  (like since I was born) met Mike‘s sister’s best friend Tia and now their wedding is set on October. So happy for them!

Speaking of our wedding. I got some pictures back- LOVE THEM!


I wont bombard you with all 375 (yet), but here is my family group shot.

My new In-Laws!

Here’s my brothers walking me down the isle.

And a cute shot of my mom… She helped out sooo much that day. She always has a bounce in her step.. Love you mom!

Do you ever have those days where you miss your mom? (if you live away from her, haha) Sometimes I can’t sleep cause I just miss my mom. You know what I mean right? It’s all good cause I get to see her in Vegas next month.I <3 my mom

Tell your mom you love her!

Alright, I’ll get off this emotional train now and come back tomorrow with some true grit tough-guy talk! haha

Woo hoo! Bye for now…xo

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