Good morning!

Last day of Sept already! WOW. Any big plans for October? Turning out to be a busy month here.

Some highlights:

1.Going to the Golden Brush Art Competition this Saturday Oct.2. If you live in Vancouver, you should come check it out! Info is here

2. Run for a Cure Breast Cancer Run. If you live in Canada, why not ┬árun too! It’s this Sunday am. Here is the info

3. My brother and his wife are coming to visit for Thanksgiving!! Click here for info (just kidding)

4. I’m going to Yellow Knife for a week! My boyfriend is going to shoot a pilot for a reality show for a barbershop and I get to come!

5. Rider Pride baby! On Halloween a bunch of us are going to the Rider/Lions game her in BC. We will be all decked out in GREEN!

Here is me getting my face painted by a fan when I used to announce the pre game show at the practice field. Go Riders!

Yes it is shaping up to be a good month. On top of all this, I continue my P90X. I assure you it is a frikin challenge fitting it all in. BUT I WILL SUCCEED!!!I I will finish this program!

Another great thing I will be doing this month is more meditation. WOAH…meditation. Seems pretty deep hey?Well… is! My good friend Diana is the one who introduced me to this form of mind clearing. It is such a great tool to help attract the positive things you want into your life as well.
I found this email that she wrote to me explaining meditation on Sept.28 2007 (almost 3 years to the day!) Here is a blurb of the email…Meditation can be done anywhere. It is hard to do at first. Requires significant practice. Stop doing it for awhile and it can be hard to get centered again. Some of the most pleasant meditation for me is sitting quietly, lotus position in the semi dark with the sound of a fan going. Or a cd with the sound of the ocean. Or just an empty room devoid of sound. Your objective is to quiet the voices, inner voices and chatter of the mind.
wow, cant believe I still have that email. Now we actually go to a guided meditation at this beautiful buddhist temple in Richmond.

I’ve only gone a handful of times, but I want to start going more. While I am there I usually feel like Julia Robert’s in Eat Pray Love. The scene where she is sitting there cross legged, trying so hard to clear her mind and a fly keeps landing on her face. She has one eye open and she looks around the room at people who are actually in a deep trance. HA.

I always feel amazing after though, and I do feel like I have slivers of time where my mind is clear!

Do you meditate?

Here is a 15 minute guided Start Your Day Meditation from Debbie Ford. To be honest, her voice annoys me, but if you can get past that, I think this is a great tool to start your day on a positive note. Be warned, it is 15 minutes. You’ll need to sit quietly and focus, so if you have the time, please give this a shot!
(-Sorry- I had to take the meditation down, it was not working:(

One of my goals is to make my own start your day meditation. I have the sound booth, Mike can add the music. It is a short term goal, so once I make it, I will post it.

Have a Beautiful Zen Day!

Daily affirmation- “I know how to quiet my thoughts.” Louise Hay

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