How are you??

I feel on fire today. I just went for an awesome 10km run with my friend Jaclyn. She is training for a Half Marathon and she was kind enough to let me tag along. She has all the gadgets, pacers, the milage trackers and the training schedule, I love when people are organized like that! I kept asking her how long we had left and if I was slowing her down too much!

We had to stop for a minute because there was some kind of Santa Jingle Bell run going on and we couldn’t get through.

So many Santa’s, Christmas Tree’s and reindeer to get through!

Finally made it through the masses

But besides that one stop, we ran for 60 minutes straight!

Well isn’t that ambitious???

To take it a step further, we went to bootcamp last night too!

It was a bootcamp through a deal we got on Groupon, So we got 20 bootcamp classes for $20. We waited until the “indoor” bootcamps started so we could be nice and warm inside. We drove to UBC and found out that we were working out- pretty much OUTSIDE! Ok, it had a roof, but it was cold and it felt like we were in a prison!

I was super annoyed at first, but once we starting jumping and squatting and lunging. I warmed up and I actually really liked it!

Now, the instructor was a bit crazy (…in a good way;). She kept getting us to go deeper, jumper higher, punch harder…

We did this exercise where we would squat and punch the air, she was soo determined to get us to punch the air harder, she kept trying to motivate us. Then she told us that sometimes at home, she throws a pillow in the air and punches it mid-air so she feels like a ninja….SAY WHAT? You throw a pillow in the air and punch it? Even openminded me thought that was strange!!!! But then I thought, “WELL, DON’T KNOCK IT TILL YOU TRY IT!”

oooohhhhhh kaaaayyyy!!! that was fun! haha. KUNG FU PILLOW FIGHTER! Whateverrrrr! lol

Well, right now I am just tidying up, I have a makeup client coming over soon, then off to DAY 26 of my 30 DAY YOGA CHALLENGE at Semperviva! ahhh how I love that place…it’s like my second home now!

How is your weekend going? Tomorrow is my cookie making marathon at Andrea’s! I am going to attempt a vegan cookie. YIKES!  Anyone have any vegan cookie recipes?

What is your most absolute favourite Christmas treat?

I love anything my mom makes! (but mom, if you read this-DON’T make stuff just cuz I said that!!) Actually though, I hate those marshmallow square thingy’s! YUCK!


Enjoy this beautiful day!

Here is a sweet text I got from my true love yesterday that made me smile:

“Our journey may have ups and downs but we’re moving forward always.”

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