Mike and I are in pre-production mode! Still made it to the gym this morning and had a wicked workout! Going to go again tomorrow morning.

Here are the  some of the projects we are working on this month.

1. Shooting 9 videos for the 2011 Fall Line using ourselves as hosts, but also other actors. I find that is the tricky part- organizing other people, but it is a great learning curve and challenge. Here is the pile of scripts!

2. Shooting a vintage style video for the Osoyoos Celebrity Wine Festival! (it’s actually for a video contest- we’re going for gold!)

One of the wine reps gave us a bottle of fine BC wine to use in our shoot! I’ve never had it, but apparently it’s really good.

3. This Saturday, I am an on-location reporter for The Down Set Hut Youth Football Camp.

4. Filming/capturing audio in Fort Lauderdale Florida at a seminar.

5. Finishing up a 12 page online tutorial voiceover that I recorded today….

In June I am going for some R and R baby.

Today I went on little shopping spree picking up things that we need for all this shooting. I am SOOOO not a techie, but I am a good gatherer if you write down the names and tell me what to get!

This audio recorder thingy

Go Pro Head cam!go pro head cam
More Hard Drive for the computer

And that was it for techie stuff. I got some produce and while I was at the mall- I saw this beauty in the JACOB window…

It was April’s Tomboy That Wears Makeup Of The Month! Snowboarder and Olympic athlete Kimiko Zakreski!!

I thought that was pretty cool. Good for her.

I hope all is well with you. Through the chaos I am still working out, still drinking lots of water and making my morning shakes! I’m in the middle of a good challenge right now and I know we can do this!

Thanks for stopping by and I can’t wait to talk again!


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  1. Char on 13 May 2011

    Wow, that wine DOES look good! What winery is it from? And that go pro head cam is sweet!! A friend just got one and the wide angle that it can capture is amazing…nifty little thing!

    • admin on 13 May 2011

      Hey doll! The bottle just says “Confidence”. It’s from the Okanagan Valley;) We’ve borrowed the Go Pro before- but I’m so excited to own it- they are rad camera’s! Have a fantastic day Char!! xo

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