Back into training today after a much needed rest day (monday’s are off training….ahhhh) As nice as it is to have a day off, as soon as I got back in the pool this am- I was ready to rock. It’s crazy how much stronger you can get- even after a week of sticking to a schedule. This picture was me, sitting at my desk, wanting to swim but I had to wait for a client to email me first. So I worked in my bathing suit for an hour or so! haha

When I got in the pool, someone else was doing laps too. She was a crazy swimmer who didn’t take the hint that -“I’ll stick to this side, you stick to that side.” Oh well, I knew she wouldn’t be down there as long as me. I had 48 laps to do to make 1km!

It’s not as bad as it sounds though. I make a game out of it. First, I do 8 laps, pat on the back, then I do a set of 20 laps, pat on the back,  Then 10 (POTB) and 10 (POTB) and BAM- 48 laps behind me. Oh and sure enough, I think crazy legs left after about 10 minutes:)

I really need to learn how to do the flip turn at edge of the pool.

I have a feeling I would not look so graceful! Here’s a step by step….

Something to work on:)

Then at 6pm my group met at The Right Shoe to get geared up for our Tuesday night run.

Today was drills and strides. After a 15 minute warm up run, we did a series of drills called ABC’s that help runners have better form, posture, agility, etc. I couldn’t find a good video describing these drills on youtube, so I just emailed my coach to see if we could make one!!

I remember doing abc’s in high school track. My brother is a ridiculously talented runner, he still does these drills all the time. Here he is running a half marathon this summer in Banff.

My brother still a very competitive runner and if he’s not winning, he’s right up there in the rankings. He always gives it his all during training and actual race time. I have ALWAYS looked up to my brother. When I am in a race or doing something physically hard that I want to stop, I always think- “What would Cory do?” He would NOT give up…

I know some people think I am nuts with how hard I work at things and life in general, but I swear, I can’t help it- it runs in my family. Growing up, I had 2 extremely hard working, focused and determined brothers I fought to keep up with!

Cory now lives in Lethbridge. My goal is to be in at least one race with him this season! He just does road races, but it would be great if he started doing triathlons. He would do so well…hint hint brother……

Well,  I better go stretch the ol calves and head to bed!

Happy TRI- ing!!!!

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  1. Klaus on 12 Jan 2011

    Here is a *great* instructional video on the flip turn. Thanks to @lawrencegrigg with The Right Show Tri Club for passing this along.
    Note: I still stink at this though… I guess there is the technique, and then there is… talent and body coordination. :-(

    • admin on 13 Jan 2011

      I love that video, Thanks Klaus! I’ll have to get some more tips from you, I mean- you are an Ironman- WOOT WOOT!!

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