A quote that made me cry today:

“Mothers are God’s guarantee that you’ll always have a friend”

Happy Mother’s Day! It has been a good one here. My mom and I signed up for a 5km Mothers day run in Port Moody. This was my mom’s first race ever (and no she didn’t even train). She is very fit regardless. She is an aqua fit instructor, golfs like crazy and tear’s up the floor at Zumba classes.

I lent my mom my Stormtech XBR-1 for the race- looks good on her! Mom wasn’t sure how to fuel for the race. She went with half a banana. I suggested a gel pack- but she wasn’t into that.

We made our way down to the soccer field where the race was starting. Mike got a shot from our condo, while we were down there.

Mom was nervous. We got her race bib pinned up.

I knew she would complete the race- I just didn’t know how long it would take us to get through it.

Here we are at the Start Line, and we’re off!

We kept a really nice pace. I was soo impressed with mom.

It was great because we went through terrain that got me more familiar with my BEAUTIFUL new home.

Um ya… I love Port Moody.

Mom didn’t talk much, so I did the talking. “Keep it up mom, your doing great, you can do it. Pump your arms on the hills.”

We hit the 1st km, 2km, ALL THE WAY to 2.5km before Dar needed a lil water break.

Thanks to the man at the turn around point for offering to take a picture. I didn’t want mom to get to comfy though- we still had 2.5km to go.

We rounded the half way point and kept on trucking. At this point, mom still ran 75% of the last 2.5km, but took teeny walk breaks here and there. I told her our goal was to pass this woman in front of us..

“Come on mom, let’s git er, let’s pass her!”

Mom didn’t say much, but she kept on running. 1km to go!!!

I told her this is where she needs to pour it on. 1km to go and then we can rest. I said, “I know how tired you are but this is the time to push it.” I think she was getting annoyed at me by this point, but she didn’t give up.

I was sooooooo proud of her! She crossed the finish line in an unofficial time of 40 minutes!


Some of the best advice my mom has given me over the years:

- Every day take a risk. (even if it’s just smiling at a stranger)

- Be your own hero.

-No matter what you go through in life- it happens for a reason and it always builds character.

Love you mom. All the moms got flowers as they crossed the line.

The food spread after the race was the yummiest I have ever seen!

Even Cupcakes?? I’m doing this race every year!

Mom got a well deserved complimentary massage to round out the event!

It sure has been a memorable Mothers Day. The only thing that could make it better is if my brothers were here… maybe next year they’ll come out!

I hope you’re having a fantastic day! Soooo much love and light to you all!


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  1. mari on 08 May 2011

    Awesome job ladies! Way to rock your first race Darlene!! Happy Mothers Day!

  2. [...] a fabulous Mothers Day. If you missed yesterdays blog about my moms first ever race, check it out here !! After she ran the race we sat in the hot tub for a while and then went out for a nice walk in our [...]

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