• HELLO!!!!

    While I am still enslaved in my sound booth catching up on work, I will reminisce about the amazing -SURPRISE bridal shower that was put on for me this past Holiday Monday in Saskatoon.

    I have to thank my mom, sister in law Nicole, and our awesome family friends for putting it on.

    I honestly didn’t think I was even going to have a bridal shower (my 2 brothers are my “bridesmaids”, lol) So when it happened and I found myself wearing BRIDE gear- I was super happy!

    best bridal shower

    Here are some of the lovely ladies that joined us…

    Here’s my Auntie, my nana, cousin and her little guy….

    We played a game where the ladies split in 2 teams and had to dress my momma and her bff Moe in toilet paper and red ribbon to best match what they think my dress looks like. (I chose Moe’s dress on my left….ohhh hint, hint!)

    Then everyone filled out- “How well do you know the bride?” I had to fill it out for the answers and I didn’t even know some of the answers! Like, “What is my favourite flower?” Call me crazy, but I have never thought about it- What’s yours? I put roses just to fill the space, lol… some people guessed it! ha

    OOOH, then we played a game where Nicole had previously asked Mike a series of questions about us, I had to answer them and for everyone I got wrong- I had to put a piece of Hubba Bubba in my mouth and chew!! Let’s just say by the end I coudl barely talk…. I thought we knew each other better!!!

    I love my sister in law Nikki. This was a game where you had to guess the spices… I got pretty much all of them wrong… So much for being an aspiring raw food chef hey??? I better work on that one.

    You’ll see Moe’s famous peppermint patties  and lots of other amazing treats that we enjoyed.

    No boys allowed except for the little cuties… I LOVE you Jasper! (This kid is already climbing stairs, he is a machine! He is going in a baby crawl race tomorrow… I think he has a great chance….)

    I got so many generous gifts that I have already started putting to use. I will share them with you as we continue this journey together, but I am soooo grateful for everything! Including these SWEET towels! (Mike and I have ghetto towels, so these were perfect)

    I was definitely “showered” with gifts… wow wow wow… I am so blessed.

    By the end of the shower, we crowned my mom with the bride cap because we all think she is next! We were having a hoot planning her wedding! HA. She was turning red, trying to change the subject, but really…Her and Richard just bought a place together, they are travelling everywhere together, they are basically IN LOVE!!!!

    GO MOM! xoxo

    In other big news- WE FELT AN EARTHQUAKE TODAY! It was CRAZY. Everything started shaking. Our lights were swaying. Not something I want to feel again. Here’s a cuddly picture of Painter napping today, but I assure you- during the quake he was freaked out.. Don’t they say pets can sense things like that? Even this 4 month old pups knew something wasn’t right.

    Everyone is fine though and although mother nature is fierce, she does show us her beauty. Here is a shot taken moments ago from my balcony.port moody sunset
    I am hitting the hay early, I have to 2nd shoot at a wedding tomorrow, then plug away at an e-learning course I am voicing. It is due Sunday night! EEK….

    Hope all is well with you. Do you have a favourite flower? I need to know…. :)

  • Hello!!!

    AHHH, recording from my home studio is MUCH nicer than trying to record while busy on holidays. I have recorded ALL day, so I have nothing exciting to talk about from today. So I will expand on my bridal shower (which I will dedicate to tomorrow’s post) and reminisce today about the fabulous 12 day trip we just got back from. We counted that we slept in 8 different places in 12 days (one of them being our truck. Reminds me of my rock and roll days with my band on tour!

    First stop, Lethbridge to visit my brother and his wonderful wife. We did the 10km Cornfest race. My brother got 1st place ( I know I mentioned it 27 times before, but just in case you missed it, lol) So basically, we ran and then took part in the cornfest festivities. Full Cornfest post here.

    Taber Cornfest and 10km run

    While in Lethbridge we shot a Stormtech video featuring my brother Cory, highlighting the elite distance runner that he is while in Stormtech’s running gear!

    Before leaving Lethbridge we drove out to Waterton to hike a 10km in the Mountains. Waterton post here. (We really did see a mama bear and 2 cubs on the side of the road!)

    Here are some random shots from the road since we spent many hours in the truck! Jasper was gorgeous and I thought the old abandoned gas station was neat.

    HOLLA! Here we are in Manitoba at Marianne and Craig’s wedding. This may sound crazy but in Manitoba, anyone can be a marriage commissioner and the couple asked Mike to do the honours and marry them. It was actually really intimate and beautiful. Mike did an amazing job.

    The next night was the big party reception (and one cool shot I liked of Mike with his family in the background). Notice me about to pound back a shot in this collage… I promise, it was just apple juice…hee hee… It gave me dancing power;)

    Next stop, MY MOMMA’S. She and her boyfriend bought a lovely new townhouse in Saskatoon. We spent time in her pool (Notice my brother and her having a noodle fight- lol, we walked along the river, and spent lots of time on their cozy patio.

    Ooooh, when hanging out with my friend Janna, she had a meeting and I babysat her son Jack. I took him to my absolute favourite store in Saskatoon. TONIC! (My dear friend  Roxanne owns Tonic) This is her new Broadway location. I bought a pair of earrings, I’ll have to get them out and show them to you (to lazy to do it now!)

    tonic broadway store, saskatoon

    Once Janna was done her meeting we took her little Jack for his first ever haircut! So cute. I never got to go to a Beaners when I was little! No Fair. Back in the day we went to the hair salon at our local coop, haha.

    Painter, Painter, Painter. What a guy. He would get restless with all the hours spent in the truck, so he found new places to sleep. Going clockwise- 1. He is laying on my head. 2. He is laying on Mike‘s head. 3. Oooh, good boy in his kennel. 3. He is now on top of his kennel!

    And that about rounds out our trip. I slept 10 hours last night and am going to bed right away for another 10.
    Tomorrow I want to expand on my bridal shower. It was such a joyful event! I am using some of my gifts already! (I got lots of great kitchen stuff)
    I have my Raw Food Chef Certification next week. I slipped a bit with my raw “diet” while I was on vacation, but being back home, I haven’t skipped a beat. Had a big green shake today, with a massive green salad, some fruit and right now I am enjoying a bowl of frozen blueberries…

    Thanks for stopping by! Let’s talk wedding tomorrow… ;)

  • Hello!

    I am at home now and back to my regular daily blogging schedule!

    My last few days in Saskatoon were awesome. My mom moved into a new town house with a pool which we were all loving. Party at moms!

    My nephew Jasper is a little fish and at 7 months old can already climb stairs! (He is in a baby crawl contest this Saturday! Jasper’s first race- Go little buddy!)

    We went for some walks along the river (here is Jasper and my moms boyfriend Richard)

    My mom and her pride and joy-(her grandson!)

    On Monday I walked into a surprise BRIDAL SHOWER put on by my amazing sister in law Nicole, my mom and some of our family friends.

    I want to tell you all about it- but I will wait until I have had more sleep and can really get into it. I got to wear a BRIDE hat! WOO HOO.

    We visited and played games. A few babies around that kept us fully entertained as well;)

    Meet Jack. My best buddy Janna’s son. He is almost 1 year old! Yesterday Janna had a meeting so Jack and I hit the streets.

    I think I’m going to make a great mom, but I gotta get used to pushing around the stroller. Going in and out of stores I must of looked ridiculous. I would push him to the door, pry it open with my foot, then run to the inside of the store and drag him in by the front. I haven’t found a graceful way of maneuvering the stroller..in time I’m sure.

    Then we took Jack for his first hair cut! He LOVED it!!! It was soo cute  to watch. Janna got to save the clips of hair for her scrapbook.

    Late Tuesday afternoon, Mike and I said our goodbyes and took off to Vancouver. .Bye bye prairies…

    Pit stop- Painter needs a pee break!

    It was beautiful to watch the prairie sun set before our eyes.

    We drove as far as we could, then we slept in our truck at a rest stop and woke up after about 5 hours of restless sleeping. WOke up, got some coffee and weaved our way through beautiful Jasper.

    Saw a bunch of elk on the side of the road!

    Then, we drove ALL day. Got to Vancouver at about 5pm. Brought all the gear from the truck up to the apartment, I made a salad , wrote this blog and now I am off to bed. I have a HUGE voiceover day to get caught up with… so my voice needs it’s beauty sleep.

    Hope all is well with you! Talk tomorrow!!!!

  • Hey! Oh man sorry I’ve been mia.

    I am BACK. On the road with no internet….

    I need to make this quick cuz my whole family is waiting for me..

    Marianne and Craig the most beautiful/fun wedding EVER.

    Beautiful Bride! I did her makeup;)

    Toast after the private outdoor ceremony with family.

    High five for being married!

    Mike‘s dad is proud of his son and new son-in-law!

    My future father- in-laws and his wife Sharon.

    My future Mother-In Law and her partner John!

    The ceremony was small,  but the reception was a rip- roaring party with almost 200 people.

    Polka band played as the guests arrived.

    One of my highlights of the whole thing was all the Ukrainian dancing that went on at this full on Ukrainian Wedding.

    My new friend Kelly, (She is a practicing vegan too- we had lots in common!)

    Heart melts with more dancing (I told them they HAVE to do this at my wedding!)

    Now I am in Saskatoon at my moms visiting my family for a couple days- then the drive back to Van!

    Jasper LOVES the pool. I am on my way there right now. Everyone is in the pool..



  • Hello!

    We are in Russell, Manitoba. Mike’s sister Marianne is getting married! So we all made the trek from Regina yesterday afternoon. Mike‘s dad (my future father-in-law) is teaching me how to be more Ukranian.

    The Ukranian’s say “Boudmoh”! It means CHEERS!

    In the hotel room we did a make-shift wedding rehearsal.

    Michelle set the mood with some awesome acoustic guitar. (may have to hire her for our wedding;)

    Dad walking Marianne down the isle.

    It looks kinda serious as her dad gives her “the hug”. But be rest assured, we were howling with laughter the whole time.

    Then Michelle and I became funny man ninja’s and attacked Marianne with confetti and silly spray.

    We had a lil dance party.

    I gave Mari some kitty ears and a “girls nights out” tie.

    I heart you bride!

    Then us girls painted our nails, “An affair in red square” Red. OWWW.

    We stayed up until about 3m talking and now we are up, I am doing makeup for the ladies and then it’s party time.
    Have a great day!