• Hello!

    How is your week going? I make a big list of the things I need to get done in the next 36 hours, before heading to San Fran. One more Stormtech shoot in LA tomorrow, one more in San Fran and it is home to the puppy who I can’t even talk about because I miss him so much. Mike and I spend ridiculous amounts of time talking about all the cute things he does and how much we love  and miss him…I know, he’s a dog…. we are too obsessed…..

    We had a shoot today in Santa Monica… it was as beautiful as I remembered it…

    Santa Monica Pier

    This famous sign is the “gateway” to the Pier..

    Santa Monica Pier

    Cute…. looks like my dog…everything looks like my dog somehow…

    3rd Street Promenade

    Lots of stuff has been filmed here over the years, Lost Boys was filmed here…. Baywatch too

    We were filming former all star quarterback Ryan McCann today in one of Stormtech’s jackets…

    The jacket could not have fit him better. It fit perfect.

    He did such an outstanding job. I can’t wait to show you guys all the videos when they’re done… In the meantime, here are some more palm trees.

    After the shoot Michael and I drove to Venice Beach to walk around a bit.

    I shot the Venice sign backwards, because…well….everything in Vence is backwards! lol

    If you haven’t been to Venice boardwalk, it’s a must do in LA… just to see AND hear some of the street performers and vendors…

    …. Like this guy!!!

    This guy who cruised around on roller skates, playing guitar has been a Venice sight for years and years…

    crazy guy venice plays guitar

    Now it’s revamp time, getting rest, 2 jobs to voice in the morning and 1 last LA shoot. Then it’s back up for a big road trip home….

    Have a fantastic evening!!


  • Hello! Happy Monday!!

    It took Mike about 4 minutes to find his suit for our wedding… It was the first one the staff brought out, it fit and we bought it… I wish us girls were as simple as guys sometimes..

    My future husband walks into the distance holding the apparel in which we will marry…..

    Back to business. Today we also filmed actor Chris Kalhoon in one of our Stormtach jackets. Chris was absolutely amazing to work with. Such a fun…and funny guy…

    The boyz filming on Hollywood Blvd…

    Chris making friends:)

    Hollywood sign behind us..


    And that’s a wrap! Celebrated with a flaming margarita from El Compadre! (the mexican thing has become a theme here…)

    Once we finished everything up, I had 4 auditions and 2 jobs to finish. I am beat. Shooting again tomorrow.


    More pics tomorrow. Posting blogs on the road takes forever..Mike gets the big, fast, nice computer and I get the crappy ol laptop that takes 10 hours to load.  (lol- he has tons of stuff to edit…) I have lots more pictures, but man, this is taking too long!!


    Love ya!!! xo

  • Hello!!

    Today we popped by Target and I am happy to announce I found my 2012 Day planner! Always an exciting time..

    Then we went by The Grove outdoor shopping mall, only to find that they had gotten right into the Christmas spirit already….


    The Grove

    Loved this old style gas station and truck..

    The Grove, LA

    Ginormous Gingerbread house..

    The Grove, LA

    They were having a big performance tonight. Colbie Calet, among others…

    My former LA roommate Ashley is the head designer for this line Splendid. When we were roommates, she was an assistant running all the errands for a designer and now she IS the designer. I was so proud of her (and her t-shirts retail for $100- wow!)

    The Grove, LA splendid

    The Grove also has a Farmers Market attached (kinda like heaven)

    Here’s an angle of the entry of the market. I didn’t venture to the produce section. We just took off..

    Went to the popular Figaro Bistro Cafe. It was good, very french. Frog legs and all on the menu.

    It happens to be where they shot the Louis Vuitton ads with Madonna in them.

    Here’s the “making of” video.

    Neat. Love Madonna..
    We are about to execute 4 shots in 5 days. We are ready to rock.

    Hope you had a beautiful Sunday. Be in touch eh?

  • Hello!!!!

    Ok, the drama geek in me is about to be released. When you read the title, basically I am trying to say that the voiceover workshop I took today was ON FIRE.. It was THE BOMB….I’m trying to think of whatever tag lines the cool kids are saying these days, but it was dope!

    To be honest, my experience today was like a dream come true. There I was- in a master class, with the guy who coaches Nancy Cartwright! Nancy Cartwright is the voice of Bart Simpson for those of you who don’t know. Here is what Nancy says about Pat as a coach, ”Pat never disappoints. His techniques cover everything the pros in the industry expect you to know – but nobody teaches.”

    Pat Fraley teaches

    Umm, ya, I worked with “Bart Simpson’s” voiceover coach….

    Pat Fraley teaches

    The day was ridiculously beneficial and wonderful to my career as a voiceover artist. I was IN FREAKIN HEAVAN.

    Here’s the voiceover team for the day!! There were 6 of us who were Pat’s students for the day.

    Pat Fraley teaches

    After my workshop, we went to my friend Jo-Anne’s- she was having a party- hence, “The party’s here…”.

    They have a bungalow in Hollywood.. This art on the wall is done by Ryan McCann

    More of Ryan’s amazing art.


    The party was booming (out of respect to others who don’t know me, I didn’t snap their picture- but here is Mike playing a fun bean bag toss game on the front “lawn”… I wouldn’t call is a lawn cause it’s rocks and a big fire pit- but hey- it was soooo cool.

    I heart LA….

    Off to bed with more voice work to do in the am. Then we will hopefully do some shopping. Getting ready for Monday when will we blast out the rest of our awesome Stormtech Videos. I am so excited with the peeps we get to work with!!!

    Happy Saturday Night. It is 11:57 here- so if I post this NOW. It will still be Saturday night. OW OW OW

  • Hello!

    Sending you a warm welcome to the weekend. 11-11-11 today. God bless those who fought for our country.

    Last night after the hockey game, we noticed people camping out for a new Twilight movie premiere. I must say I know nothing really about Twilight, but these people are pumped!

    This photo was taken Thursday night. The premiere isn’t until MONDAY! Yikes! At least it’s warm out!

    This morning we went to Cafe Gratitude. They have several locations, I have heard nothing but good things about this raw-vegan cafe. (It may not be completely raw, but I think it is…)

    cafe gratitude,la

    We just popped in quick to get a couple green juices.

    Cafe Gratitude,la

    Cool place. If I lived here, I would come here all the time.

    Cafe Gratitude,la

    Some kind of gratitude board game at the tables. neat.

    Cafe Gratitude,la

    Question of the day…

    Cafe Gratitude,la

    I’ve been to busy to think about anything changing…hmmm, let me reflect on that one.

    I ordered the I AM HEALTHY green drink with a raw macaroon. (psst- Organic Lives macaroons are better! It was still good though)

    Cafe Gratitude,la

    Mike got a green drink called, I AM ENERGIZED.

    Cafe Gratitude,la

    Everything is named something empowering like that. I was all over it..hee hee.

    Well, I’d love to chat more, but I am going to an 8hr voice workshop tomorrow with vo coach Pat Fraley. Should be fabulous day. I’m ready to give’r.

    Have a great weekend..talk tomorrow!