SLOOW internet in our hotel room. Driving me nuts, but we are out tomorrow and I have many more fun pics to post.

We went hiking up at Waterton and saw bears on the side of the mountain!

bears in Waterton

We went for a 10km hike in the mountains.


We were all throwing rocks in the lake.


Flat rocks for skipping anyone?

My brother has 2 awesome dogs. Noodle and Doink. Painter is in the middle. (I look back now and think this collage would have been better if Noodle was posing like the other fella’s…Oh well!)

My sister in law is rocking an amazing garden and she made me an fantastic salad with her fresh veggies (thank you!)

I have 5 billion more pictures, but the internet sucks here, so I will catch up tomorrow when the internet isn’t all 1990 dial up slow!

Hope you are AWESOME!!


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