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What’s happening today? My day has been going well…despite my little mix up this morning. I’ve been telling Andrea for weeks now.”Yo Girl- come check out this meditation- its’s Super cool, think you’ll like it!” So Saturday morning arrives, I pick her up at 8:20am we drive all the way out to Richmond. (me getting lost on the way cuz we were to busy talking about this, among other things)  We finally arrive at the gates of the temple, park, take one step out of the truck. and some lady out of nowhere- walks by us and says “no meditation today, no til end November.” OOOOPS! My bad. At that moment I remembered Dee telling me she thought they might be shutting it down for a couple weeks due to temple construction. It was just like in National Lampoon’s Vacation, when they went to Wally world and it was closed!!(except we didn’t punch anything, we calmly walked through the temple gardens and smiled and laughed at all the little buddha’s everywhere)

So..next best thing, We got coffee, went over to her place and had a nice Saturday morning chat. Then I looked at the time. Ahh-10:16, I have yoga at 10:30, so I rushed off to kitsilano, finally found a parking spot and SPRINTED into yoga. They were shutting the door as I was walking in. I hate being late for things like that cuz EVERYONE stares at you. I had to walk through about 50 people, stepping on their mats- “sorry, excuse me, coming through- hey is there any room over there?” The place was so packed I had to put my mat way around the corner!! It was incredibly awkward at first, but once the class started, I really liked my little spot beyond yonder.

Today was DAY 5 of my 30 day challenge at Semperviva. I am LOVING yoga. It is only day 5 and I am noticing positive changes, body and mind. Have you ever done a Kundalini class before? If they offer this type of yoga near you- check it out. It is such a good workout and energy release. I found a video online that you can download for 8.99 if you don’t have Kundalini where you are. It’s here. There is chanting and mantra’s along with repetitive moves. Be open to it if it is a new thing to you.

Now going  to go meet up with a friend I haven’t seen in a while, but first I must go mail a package off to my future sister in law. I am sending her THE BEST moisturizer in the world. (she lives in Yellowknife and we need to protect her pretty face from the dry and cold!) I have used this stuff since I was 16 years old. It is inexpensive, works amazing and a must have for sensitive skin like mine!

It’s about $10 a bottle. You usually have to ask the pharmacist for it. They keep it behind the counter because it is usually dermatologist referred. They also use it as a neutral compound for topical medicine. So you know it won’t irritate your skin! You can find it behind the counter at Costco,London Drugs, and usually Pharmasave.

Thought of the day (inspired by my yoga teacher) “There are enough mediocre people in the world.” Be different! Be yourself, you don’t need to “fit in”!!! oh..and have fun;)

Talk to you sooooooooooooooon!! xoxo

ps. no daily affirmation today..cuz it’s up there^^^^^^^^^^ don’t be mediocre! go kick some ass!

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  1. Love this post!! I am sorry to hear your meditation didn’t work out….I need to get myself back into yoga. I feel so much better after rocking it out.

    ohhhhh this moisturizer sounds fab! I have very sensitive skin and am breaking out like crazy! Would it work for this too? Ugh…


    • admin on 13 Nov 2010

      Hello!! You can get a free pass to semperviva at http://www.livingfreecanada.com/en/fitness?catid=5 (guess I should put that in my post, lol)
      and also- I think the Nutraderm would be worth a shot- my dermatologist gave it to me when I was 16 and had really bad acne.
      Let’s grab a coffee sometime! :)

  2. Diana on 13 Nov 2010

    Ah boo on the meditation…I guess I’m glad I slept in! At least the contruction will be done soon though!

  3. Margarita on 13 Nov 2010

    that’s the moisturizer i carry around in my makeup kit! I can’t live without it!!!
    I will give yoga a try.. keep you posted on how i do! :-)

    • admin on 14 Nov 2010

      so cool you use the same moisturizer cousin! k-do some yoga in Greece and send me some pictures and i can put it in my blog:) Love you!!

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