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Can you hear me from way down in this cave? (aka sound booth)
ALMOST DONE the audiobook! I’m looking rather ratty right now due to the hours spent on this project in order to get it into the clients hands in time.
I did manage to go to Tim’s this morning for a coffee. We did the “Sunday Tim’s Ritual” where we buy a $10 gift card at the coffee shop and leave it behind so that we can buy coffee’s for those behind us in line. Click here to see the video we made explaining it!

The ironic thing is though- that Mike and I get free coffee from the manager because he likes what we’re doing. It’s so clear… “Give And You Shall Receive”… or “Nature Abhor’s A Vacuum”. Regardless I am grateful…. (Thank you Shenan!)Tim's coffee, roll up the rim

Roll Up The Rim is almost over… but there are still a few cups left! Did I win???tim horton,

Ummmm NOPE! “please play again”… OKAY SURE!
Do you use your teeth or your hands to roll up the rim? I use my teeth… grrrr

I missed my run with my tri group so I could focus 100% on this project. I looked out the window and saw other running groups going by and I felt like a lonely puppy who just wanted to go outside and play:(
Oh well, I’ve barely had time to eat today, let alone a 2 hour run. I look forward to tomorrow! It will feel like a big, big, big breath of fresh air!
I made Mike an omelette and myself this salad..
I ate pretty much the entire salad while talking on the phone with my momma. She’s good, she’s good… she won the door prize at her clothing party, her boyfriend Richard was out of town and now he’s back… AND she got to hang out with her grandson Jasper today! Good job Grandma!
(I think his parents want him to like baseball, lol) Isn’t he just precious? LOVE, LOVE, LOVE…

Also, I’ve been hoping to make Andrea’s Famous Soup today.

But I think I better wait one more day and get those headphones back on and keep editing.. HOME STRETCH NOW!

Hope you had a fabulous Sunday! I will talk to you tomorrow!!!


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  1. Congrats on getting so much accomplished on the audiobook!

    That is SO sweet about the gift card… wonderful idea! I truly believe that what we do for others comes back to us ten-fold. :)

  2. [...] I like this picture of my soup ingredients… [...]

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