HAHAHA okay okay, I wasn’t exactly buck…but here’s the story..

A friend of mine asked me to model for him for a project he needed to complete. So I agreed to it and away we went, down to the beach to get started. As we walked to the beach, we saw this amazing tree root laying on the ocean floor and the photographer stopped and said, “we HAVE to get a shot of you on that on the way back.’ I said “sure that’d be fun.”

BUT when we finished the shoot at the beach and walked back to take our final shot on the big tree root…THE TIDE had rolled in and it was almost waist deep to get out to it. The photog, my boyfriend (who came to meet us) and I just stood there going “DARNIT” we missed our chance to get that shot….However, being the spontaneous tomboy that i am, lol, I told the group we could jump in and swim out to it!!

So the photographer agreed and next thing ya know, he is jumping in the water. (camera way above his head;) but I couldn’t jump in yet,¬†the dress I was going to wear for this shot was not mine, It was expensive and it could not get wet….So…I swam out to the tree root (dress above my head) and changed on the root and didn’t get a drop on the dress!! Only embarrassing thing really was that the dress didn’t fit…haha, I couldn’t even zip it up, but you can’t tell in the pics, he shot at an angle.

The dress is in my hand...... shoot is done......time to swim back to shore!

Here is one of the shots he got:

On the tree root! (I had to crop it mega to fit in here)

And some of the other shots, (the shades were part of the story for his project!)

This project was lots of fun and I wish the photographer Michael lots of success.

Being spontaneous helps us to live in the present moment and really feel alive! Swimming out to the tree root was exhilarating! Changing in public is not really my thing, but hey, I kept the dress clean and really, no one was around (I hope:)

Hope you have an inspired day and remember to act in spite of fear!

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