I ran a Half Marathon this morning! Woo hoo. Mike and I woke up around 6am and went to Tims for coffee, then we got ready for the race and did some stretching in the apartment. We realized we didn’t have headphones for our ipods, so on the way to the Start Line, we stopped at Shoppers to buy headphones. I got the $5.99 pair and Mike had to get the $24.99 pair! What a guy….

buying headphones
At the Start Line, racers were doing little exercises, I love how the elite athletes have their own special clothing “drop off”, so they stay warm right before they start and shed the final layer right before the gun goes off… We were not so lucky! I didnt have to layer down today, but normally I just bring an old sweater and throw it away, (they usually donate tossed clothing to charity)

We also did some filming for a cool video we’re making! Thanks to our friend Dominico for tending the camera…

Then… We were off! It was a great race. Vancouver is so beautiful, the scenery is amazing, I surprisingly saw lots of people along the way that I knew- I ran past my friend Dee’s apartment and she happened to be on the balcony and got a shot of me!

She said she just happened to step out at that time, and I just knew I was going to see her. It made me smile!!!

I was sooo thankful for my ipod. It really got me through the 22km. Each song played it’s part… I put hearts beside the songs that for whatever reason was exactly what I needed to hear at that given time… It was right around the 10 mile mark that my body was freakin tired and I wanted to stop, then Hard Sun by Eddie Vedder came on and something happened in my heart. I was right beside the ocean, I felt such a sense of peace and strength over me and I knew I could finish this race….

half marathon playlist

It was a really empowering feeling, I started to move my feet a bit faster…. The last song I heard before finishing was Boom Boom Pow by Black Eyed Peas.

I also kept thinking of tips that Coach Lara has told us during running workouts:


-look ahead at where you want to go

-run tall

-relax your shoulders, neck and jaw

-keep your arms strong, but your hands relaxed

-quick feet

-keep your form and follow through with your strides..

(Thank you Lara!!!)

So, like my title says, my wings got me through the first 10 miles and my heart got me through the last 3 miles.

It’s also funny how the most random things can motivate you. There was this girl running in front of me for a while and she had her ipod in and she was playing “air piano” to whatever song she was listening too. I’m all about air guitars, air drums (Mike does this CONSTANTLY), but for some reason her “air piano” was annoying me, so I mustered up some fierce energy to leave her in my dust, lol!!!

At the last mile- I caught up to Mike!! We finished within seconds apart. My time was NOT my best time by any means… I crossed in 2hrs, 3 min…but it was my first half marathon in years… and I haven’t been marathon training, just triathlon training…so I was fine with my time… Watch out next race!! haha

first half marathon finish line

Yay! The finish line!!

After catching our breath, we went into the community centre and got some soup and bagels while they awarded the winners.

first half, roundhouse community center

ahhh, rest

I should probably start stretching eh??

We jumped in the hot tub as soon as we got home. I am pretty darn tired at this point, but I am so happy with how today went. It was just awesome.

Are you signed up for any races this season??? What is your Ultimate Running Song??

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday! Thanks for stopping by!!!


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4 Responses

  1. Klaus on 13 Feb 2011

    Dang! I didn’t even know you were going to do this race Amanda. Otherwise I would have looked out for you. Congrats in any case. Here is my race report: http://www.chefintransition.com/2011/02/quite-pleased.html

  2. janna on 13 Feb 2011

    yep you would just complete a half marathon on a whim wouldn’t you!!!! Soooo awesome!!!!
    Maybe next week try a full just for kicks??? I would not be surprised!!!

  3. My power song is Out of Control by Hoobastank. Yeah, it’s older but that chorus gets me running FAST. Love it! Great job on the race!

  4. Jaclyn on 15 Feb 2011

    Hey. So glad you guys got an entry!! Glad to hear it was amazing. You’re a little trooper. Not many people can “just run a half marathon”. Great time!! Now I a really scared to join triathlon…

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