It’s a pretty cool feeling when your wedding dress shows up at your door….and it FITS! WHEWF. I was a bit worried. I didn’t want to have to sell it or deal with not liking it., but it fit, I love it and I am sooo excited to get married!

Thanks UPS dude! You made my day.

UPS delivers wedding dress

Well, well, look what the Raw Food Chef whipped up here… haha Stuffed Peppers! MMMMM

Here’s the recipe. That is super ghetto and lazy of me not to write it out but it’s been a looong day. If you want the recipe and can’t really read it here- let me know k and I’ll email it to ya..

Raw Vegan Stuffed peppers

I went to Canadian Tire today to get the $19.99 Herb Garden that I saw online… NO one could seem to find it. (ummm laziness too on the staff’s part) But I was like, what -ev.

And I checked out the spice racks. My options were….

Spice Rack#1

canadian tire wooden spice rack

Spice Rack #2

canadian tire spice rack

And the one I went with #3. I just liked this one best…

canadian tire spice rack

Which one would you have picked? (If you HAD to pick…maybe you hate them all…lol)

The Raw Food Chef also made some Flax Crackers..

raw vegan flax seed crackers

Well, actually they are still dehydrating in the oven.

raw vegan flax seed crackers

And…the recipe for you;)

raw vegan flax crackers

It’s been almost 3 weeks on the Raw food challenge and I am loving it.

Not as much as I love this little guy who sleeps cheek to cheek.. He just loves to snuggle… <3

bug puppy sleeping

I’m going to go look at my inside out wedding dress hanging in the closet. “sigh”

So excited. Have a great weekend! xoxo

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  1. Ahhh yayy!! that’s so exciting!! cannot wait to hear about the wedding when it happens!! :) pictures galore PUHLEASE!

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