Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi hi…I am a bit hyper this evening. I went out for coffee with my girlfriend and I had Green Macha tea INSTEAD of coffee. (I had to pinch myself) Not that I’m all god’s gift to health or anything, I had 2 heafty cups earlier in the day, I was just proud that I didn’t go for a 3rd and actually had some tea.

I was also proud of this PHAT shake I made! The bottom was all romaine lettuce.

We were filming a video today for a new skin care product coming out and I was an actor in the video. I was asked to wear a black tank top. I have about 80 of them, so I was covered there, but I could NOT find a black bra to save my life. I remembered I threw away the one Victoria’s Secret one I had because it was beat and I hadn’t re-stocked yet. (I have a very dark blue bra and I’ve been using that as my “black” bra… anyway….I made Mike stop at Walmart on the way so I could grab a black bra off the shelf. I got a 36C (not a D Cup like the LaSenza lady suggested).

I did a magic move and put it on in the car in morning rush hour traffic and I didn’t skip a beat. I think every girl knows how to do the trick where you get a bra on under the shirt your wearing without exposing a peep. Am I right or am I right?

Ta Da! Mike was impressed, even though he HATES when I change in public. He thinks I’m some nudist that will change anywhere.. I tell him “I’M NOT!”. I can change very discretely. Another gift a lot of girls have.

I showed up on set ready to ROCK!

We were shooting in the most beautiful home ever! I only had my non-zoom lens with me, so I couldn’t really cover the whole beauty of the place, but it was stunning!

This is where we had lunch..

Over looking a meditative garden..

The house..

The awesome crew! I was in such great company.

It was a very zen and joy-filled day… I started the day with a 6am yoga class, I wonder if that had anything to do with it…

Mom will be here tomorrow afternoon. I had all these ideas of making a big raw gourmet spread but now I don’t know how much time I’ll have, but we’ll see what the morning brings..

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5 Responses

  1. Nat on 19 Sep 2011

    6am yoga! How do you do it?!?

    • admin on 20 Sep 2011

      haha, the only way I could do it is because I paid for the classes in advance- so I have to show up! lol xoxo

  2. Oh yes! Well versed at changing into/out of a bra under clothes. I can pretty much change my whole top half under a jumper/tee shirt! I think it’s a born talent being a girl :-)

    That garden looks amazing. I could see myself relaxing reading a book in there!

    • admin on 20 Sep 2011

      I knew I wasn’t the only one!!! WOOT WOOT. Re:Garden- I WISH I had that!! The owner does yoga down there too. It is amazing. The owner is the editor of 2 magazines Fresh Magazine and Vista Magazine.

  3. Sylvia on 21 Sep 2011

    You crack me up!! Not a “D”!! :D

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