Hey Team!!

How are you all doing today?

Great day here today. Woke up, mucked around while my voice was warming up and hit the booth for a new gig as an e-learning instructor. After 129 pages of voicing geometry, this 12 page course of technology integration was a BREEZE!

Like my new studio chair? I got it as a bridal shower gift from my sister in law. It is PERFECT for my sound booth! (mike was laughing at the tissue I hang on the side. Once I get seated, I don’t like to be reaching down for things, geesh!

While I was in the booth (during a blooper I’m sure) I was thinking about working out and how I didn’t feel like going to the gym in the rain. So I dusted off the ol P90x. It was an hour core synergy dvd and I actually didn’t mind it. Might stick with it for a bit, along with my yoga.

It was such an exciting evening. I had my first class at The RAW Foundation Culinary Arts Institute!

Check out all these raw foods! The class today was 5 easy recipes each in 5 minutes.

Some of the things we learnt:

* How to make delicious raw food meals that taste just like your favorite cooked food dishes; with just 5-7 ingredients in  5-7 minutes!

* Nutrition Basics for each ingredient

* The impact of common dangers in foods, on our bodies

* How to minimize preparation time to just twice a week, for entrees

* How to prepare gourmet raw food meals, simply and easily (no salad)

* Flavour balancing techniques & the key to satisfying meals

* How to transform basic recipes from one ethnicity to another, quickly and easily

*Everything you need to know create a menu for 30 days!

* How to shop for raw foods – complete with a shopping list

* How to stock your raw food kitchen

The foundation and the class is lead by a beautiful, talented, inspiring and extremely informative woman named Janice Skoreyko. (She happens to be a prairie girl too- bonus!)

Janice Skoreyko

mmm, stuffed mushrooms.

The class was hands on, we made our own wraps. There was such a great group in the class too. We were having a blast.

I helped out with the walnut brownies (she asked for a volunteer who likes chocolate- ummmm…ME!)

Janice Skoreyko, Raw food foundation vancouver

I learnt so much and I feel like I have information overload and I have to get up at 5:30am for yoga….sooo…if I have your permission I will bid farewell for this evening and be back tomorrow refreshed and ready to rock with more rawesome pictures and fun!

Mike is unloading the dishwasher right now.. (Is he feeling ok? I better get over there!)

Love and light!!



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