Hello Party People In The House!!!!!

Happy New Years Eve!

Mike and I just got back from walking the seawall. I’ve lived here in Vancouver for years and I continue to be in awe of the beauty of this city

Here is me tweeting….

Mike took some pictures….

…while I talked on the phone to my friend Dee who is decided whether or not to take an last minute trip to Hawaii- I said DO IT!

Then Mike talked on the phone to his mom and then his buddy Travis…so my turn to take pictures
(I got the runner in on purpose for a little motivation…haha)

Now we are home briefly before heading out again to go to the bank, drop off rent check, etc. We have to quickly edit a voice project- I was FLOORED at how BUSY voiceovers were over the holidays… I am not complaining though….I am sooo happy with all the work we’ve gotten lately. I LOVE when Mike is home to produce and edit me….
He always saves the bloopers too…..
Here is me…..messing up the word imbibed (weird word in my opinion)

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haha, some words just freak me out!!!
I want to blog about my New Years Resolutions, so I will do that later today. I also have an incredible Tomboy Of The Month for tomorrow….BUT FIRST…

Let’s check in with our girl Marianne, if you are just joining this blog, to track back, here is our first chat, second chat and third chat. She has been with us for 3 months, sharing her weight loss/healthy living transformation. I enjoy having her on the blog so much, I wanna see if she’ll stay with us into the new year…. Read on to find out where she is at…

What have you learned since starting this challenge three months ago?
I am so grateful for this amazing opportunity to share my weight loss journey – I have found it so inspiring and motivating and I really want to thank you for that, Amanda. J I’ve learned the importance of moving outside my comfort zone – it’s really when I grow the most as a person. I’ve learned how vital a support system is for me, and I’m so thankful for every single outstanding person in mine! And, most importantly, I’ve learned how balance is key – especially for health goals. I feel like I’ve finally accepted, after several failed attempts, that this is going to be a daily challenge for me, and a lifelong commitment. Achieving healthy weight loss cannot be done over night – it’s a LOT of hard work, but completely worth every bit of it!!

Any New Years goals/resolutions?
Absolutely! I plan to continue to set goals for myself that will keep me motivated and challenged, including a 10K race in Vancouver this spring, and a half marathon in Yellowknife this coming summer! I am looking forward to getting married in September, and to continue working towards my holistic nutrition course. Follow through is going to be my biggest goal for 2011 – I am going to finish what I’ve started!!

Do you have a few tips for people who may be embarking on a new, healthier lifestyle?
Celebrate every positive step and achievement along the way and try not to focus only on the number on your scale. How do you feel? How has your fitness level improved? How do your clothes fit? Keep your workouts and recipes fresh! Enlist the help of a professional – sessions with a personal trainer are worth every penny – and several trainers will let you share sessions, and costs, with a friend – you’ll benefit from mixing up your routine and feel confident walking into the weight room with a plan. Brag a little – share your successes with others. You just never know how you will motivate and inspire!! People take notice – enjoy all the compliments you’ll receive along the way!

We’re dying to know… did you reach your weight loss goal?
My original goal was to lose 29 pounds before my 29th birthday. I am very proud of the efforts I’ve made with my nutrition and fitness and I can tell you that I celebrated my 29th birthday as the healthiest, and most fit I’ve been in several years. I have lost 15 pounds since I began this challenge for a total of 45 pounds since April! And I’ve realized that this goal doesn’t end for me at a certain date – I’ve made a commitment for myself to a healthy, balanced lifestyle. I’ve gone from a size 16 to 10 and honestly, I feel AMAZING right now!! Shopping for new clothes (and wedding dresses!) is actually something I’m having FUN doing instead of being something I dread. I am so close to my weight goal and I feel I have so many important tools and incredible support – I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!!!

Will you continue to give us updates and/or tips on your weight loss journey?

I would LOVE to keep you updated on my journey towards ultimate health and am so very looking forward to being able to announce when I have REACHED my weight goal!! I really feel this coming year is going to be amazing – filled with blessings and challenges for all of us that will enrich our lives and help us towards all of our personal growth goals!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!


(I have to go drop off my rent check and run to bank…so talk soon!! )



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  1. Michelle Schurko on 31 Dec 2010

    Chances are really good that if someone has been “embibing” too much alcohol, they won’t know the word either!

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