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It’s back, my 2nd annual 30 day yoga challenge. Today was day 1. Only this year, I am doing Bikrams Yoga (ya, the HOT yoga). I am taking the classes at the Tri-City Studio on Lougheed. Today was great. I didn’t really push myself. Like when you do the 1/2 moon, I did like an 1/8 moon….just easing into it.

Here’s the space.

bikrams yoga tri city

After yoga, I did a bit of work before heading downtown to meet with a voiceover agent I have been trying to partner with for a long time…. I am happy to say……THEY SIGNED ME ON! I was so excited.

After I skipped out of their office, it was take Painter to English Bay time..

Fish House, Stanley Park, Vancouver, English Bay, Fall

Got a coffee (oops, tee hee) and walked down by Lost Lagoon.

Fall, English bay, lost lagoon

We were kinda missing living in the West End as we strolled along…

Fall, English bay, lost lagoon

Beautiful crisp fall day.

Fall, English bay, lost lagoon

There a familiar sight!

Fall, English bay, lost lagoon

This was Painter’s first time downtown, his only concern was the Geese…

Fall, English bay, lost lagoon

and the squirrels, and the ducks and the raccoons. These raccoons may look innocent, but I kid you not, they are fierce. And Painter was whimpering to get closer to them!! GEESH!

Fall, English bay, lost lagoon

It was a great day though. Hope yours was too! I am sooo beyond ready for my bed and I am headed there immediately.

Thanks for stopping by!!!!


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  1. ine on 13 Oct 2011

    What a coincidence, today I went to my first bikram class, same studio:) never done bikram before, it was tough but I liked it. I’m hoping one day I ‘ll be as flexible as everyone else is:)

  2. Chrissy on 14 Oct 2011

    Congrats on getting signed!

    Maybe the yoga helped ;)

    Love the racoon pic, they look so cute!

  3. [...] GREAT day…except for 1 teeny thing. I did not go to yoga….I am supposed to be on my 2nd annual 30 day yoga challenge and have been kicking it’s butt until today…I had to throw in the towel on this one. [...]

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