It’s been a productive day today!!

It started with my handwritten 3 pages of “stream of conscience” writing. I got this technique from The Artist’s Way Book-

The exercise is where you don’t even think about what you are writing- you just let it flow, anything and everything pours through your pen and you don’t stop until you reach 3 pages. I find it really helps me set the tone for the day and it does unleash creative and unexpected thoughts that must have been back in your brain somewhere.

I highly recommend trying it. When you wake up in the morning, grab a notebook and just write! I would be HYPER embarrassed if anyone ever read my lil journal, but then again I don’t think anyone could read my writing!

After I write, then I listen to morningcoach.com. JB is the founder of Morning Coach and he rocks! If you are looking for a morning pick-me-up- TRY Morning Coach! You could also listen to the inspiring podcasts over at Mikeschurko.com

OR…. You could listen to this Start your Day morning meditation that I recently wrote and recorded!!

Before I get going with the day- I need that personal time to get my head in the right space so I can stay focused, energized and positive!

Of course exercise is another HUGE step that will get you feeling great in the morning. I have had later workouts as of late because of projects due, etc. But I am still getting in my gym time! My foot has still been bugging me, I went to 2 doctors today.

The 1st doctor I went to looked like he hadn’t washed his white coat in weeks, his eye was twitching and we did NOT speak the same language.coquitlam point medical center

So I went to get a 2nd opinion….the second doctor was a bit better, but I still don’t get any answers. I thought it was a nerve in my foot and these doctors this it’s irritated tissue. Whatever. I am just going to start icing it more and write out some affirmations to will it AWAY!

Ironically a book I have been waiting for, for a long time finally came in today! (I think it helps you create affirmations.)

I haven’t read this book, but according to a friend of mine it is very good!

The rest of my day has been FULL of voicing. I am on fire today!! voiceover artist, home studio

Mike thought it would be funny to take a screen shot of himself and drag the image onto my monitor..

Cute. I think he is making that face cause I got mad at him for something. I was probably over-reacting about something. That is the norm.

Today, I also went BANANA’S!!!! Frozen banana’s!!!

I got the idea from shape magazine. shape magazine frozen banana's recipe

Take frozen banana’s and throw them in your processor…frozen banana icecream
Press ON and dessert is servedfrozen banana ice cream
I added a drop of vanilla extract and topped it off with some chocolate sauce (I just used nesquick) and shaved almondsfrozen banana
I know it doesn’t look as good as Shape’s Food photography, but it tastes great!
I made Mike a batch but added frozen strawberries to his (as per his request)
Mikey likes it!!!frozen strawberry banana

It’s a nice summer frozen treat!

Hope you had a great day! Time for me to do some exercising. Until we meet again!!!!!



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