Good evening!

I’m on the “graveyard” shift for blogging these last few days!

I woke up this morning at 6am, got my mom from the airport and have had a jam packed day.

Picked up mom and we went for coffee and toast at The Bellagio Cafe downtown.

Then mom went for a 2 hour facial at She did cosmetic acupuncture AND a facial!!! If you are wondering what cosmetic acupuncture is all about. Here is the owner of SKN demonstrating!

Mom loved it, I’ve had it done before too-makes your skin glow!
While mom was having her facial I went and got a spray tan! woo hoo. I love spray tans.
Then we went to MAC. I had 6 empty containers to take back for a free lip gloss. Ended up getting- Lip glass in LUST, Plush glass in Big Baby and a new creamy eyeshadow in Sizzlin Diva. Not 100% sold on the eye shadow yet, but i’ll try it tomorrow
different view…
Mom got foundation and lip balm. Took advantage of the 40% discount I get with my Pro Card.

Then we came back to Port Moody so I could show mom our new home, little did she know I was up half the night cleaning!!swiffer wet jet review
I tried out my new $50 swiffer wet jet. (50 when you add in all the pads and gear) Am I am fan? Ya, I really like it- but you have to sweep REALLY well before the mop or your just swiffing wet dirt! But I like it.

Mom really likes our new place… but us Sellers don’t like to sit around long so we went to Red Robin for a bite (I will still go to Red Robin, even when I have a billion dollars! I love it there, haha)
We talked “shop” CODE for WEDDING. Getting details. Mom and I can’t even talk about certain wedding details without getting teary eyed. Waterproof EVERYTHING on the wedding day please! Hi Mom!
Dar and I went to Ikea to round out the night.. Bought some goods like this lovely candle.

That monitor behind it is for my sound booth! We got foam today too for it.

Now I’m capping off the night with a glass of vino!

Off to the USA tomorrow and then downtown for the hockey game. I might be on the graveyard blogging shift for one more night. Bare with me! Have a freaking awesome weekend!!!! woo hoooo


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  1. Erin @ The Grass Skirt on 07 May 2011

    It sounds like a really fun day! I love Red Robin. We take my stepkids there and we end up staying for hours because they order the bottomless spaghetti!

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