I love that it’s spring and I love being outside.

Last night I went out and played ball with my friend Colin’s team. I am bummed that I can’t be on his team full time, but with our upcoming move to Port Moody it’s going to be a tad challenging getting to the games (far from Port Moody). SOOO- if you live in Port Moody and you are reading this- can I be on your team????

Colin lent me some cleats to wear since it had recently rained and the diamond was a bit slippery.

There is Colin at bat. iphone pic!

I got to play 1st base the whole game (my favorite place to be!!) We won too. Double bonus!

Then… today.. I wore a different pair of shoes…

hiking grouse

My hiking boots! We hiked Grouse today (3km straight up)… however, we experienced some pretty icy conditions at the top. Guess we should have read the sign??

It started out really nice…

hiking grouse in winter

Look up.. such pretty trees
BUT THEN… we hit the 1/2 way marker and things took a turngrouse grind in winter

We were climbing snow and icegrouse in winter


Winter wonderland?  See me way up there??

There I am… beyond yonder.. “OH HEEEAAAY!”

It was sure slippery and STEEP drop off’s in certain places..

We scaled our way through the seven levels of the Candy Cane forest, and through the sea of swirly twirly gum drops..lol

climbing grouse pic

Maybe we should have obeyed the signs??

grouse at wintertime, BUT we made it! grouse grind

ohh, but it was sooo worth the climb!

She was a beautiful day at the top!

top of grouse mountain, grouse in winter

It was a bit of a trek, but I’m super happy we went through with it. Other hikers had these Yak Tracks which would have helped immensely!I’m putting those on the list! lol Now we are just watching the hockey game. (which is not going well!) Mellow night. Mike‘s grandma recently passed away:( So our company, as well as Mike are heading to Saskatchewan tomorrow for the funeral.

I am going to hold down the fort and voice, voice, voice.

I hope you had a great day!

Thanks so much for stopping by.


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  1. SOOOO much fun!!! Even with the snow, that hike sounds incredible! I definitely need to do more hiking this summer! :)

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