Happy Sunday!!!

Hope you’ve have a great weekend.

My brother and his family left today, but before they left we fit in a hike at Buntzen Lake!

buntzen lake port moody, trails

We didn’t have to much time, so we did the fairly short Energy Trail.

energy trail buntzen lake

Jasper didn’t have that much energy though. His little nose was smooshed into the back of his little back carrier. cute.

Jasper’s mommy Nikki found a cool tree that looks like a face. They say it’s “haunted”. (I don’t buy it;)

crazy tree energy trail, buntzen lake

It is so beautiful up there.

Uh oh, look who woke up for a picture!

Thanks Dave, Nikki and Jasper for coming to visit. It was a blast. We always have fun together and usually end up doing stuff outside the whole time, which I love! A few years back (pre-Jasper days) the 4 of us hiked the West Coast Trail. (It’s the 2nd hardest groomed trail in the world- the 1st is in New Zealand.)

west coast trail, vancouver island

I want to do the trail again!!!

Hey, check out my new water bottle. I got it at MEC (I’m loyal to Stormtech, but this bottle was awesome) It’s a Camel Back and it’s a perfect replacement for my running pack and you just BITE and SUCK on the nozzle. No need to tilt your head back while your running. It has a built in straw. It is one of the best things I have bought in a LONG time………

camel back, portable

…..besides my puppy of course!! I found him in the laundry basket today.

We buy you a nice bed from Canadian Tire and you jump in the laundry basket….

bug puppy

Lil bugger.

I’ve already been back in the sound booth tonight. Ready for a busy week! Hope you have an A+ week!

Can’t wait to talk tomorrow!!


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