How are thou?

Ventured out today to get the ol eyebrows threaded. (I think I scared the lady when she saw them) Let’s just say..they didn’t call me Bert for my love of pigeons!

So I stopped by the mall on the way… Got a juice… Freshly squeezed carrot and oj.
carrot and OJ from Jugo Juice
I really loved it actually. First time I’ve ordered it. Vitamin C x1000!

jugo juice orange and carrot

Tried on some jeggings at American Eagle since I have a gift card there… I liked the black on me way better than the grey, but they were low riding too much, I felt like i’d be tugging them up all the time. This picture makes them look super short too. They weren’t that short. But none the less, I didn’t get em. I DID grab a shirt and scarf from Forever 21. Still in my bag though, I’ll show you tomorrow!

american eagle jeggins

I noticed the mall had a Kiehls now (Metrotown in Van). I HEART Kiehls. Good for the skin!

Something super crafty I did for my skin today was slather avocado on my face and left it on my skin for about 10 minutes before I jumped in the shower. First time I’ve ever done it. I was just making a salad and thought about how good avocado’s are for your skin when you eat them, and figured they must be good topically too. Think about all the avocado creams out there (Kiehl’s themselves have a creamy avocado eye cream!)

I know it’s not the most appealing picture, but my report from the experience was- IT”S GREAT! My skin felt super soft afterwards. I was stoked….
The salad was good too…

Another amazing skin break through is this new product called the SKN Spin and it’s now available in Canada! I modelled for the video, it seems weird at first to roll needles over your face, but it works! It’s kinda like microdermabrasion, but better…


Check out their site to learn more and watch moi in the video…<3

And yet another good thing for skin is sleep… so I will get to that right away… But first… Please tell me I’m not the only one who beeps their car keys a million times to try and locate their car in a large parking lot?

trying to find car

Ok good…you do it too? Cause I was getting some looks… Well just one girl… she was like STARRING… as she went up the escalator… But I think I was getting the looks because I was taking a picture of myself WHILE I was beeping my car keys, looking for my car. I guess that would look weird. The things I do for this blog…haha

Have a great night!


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