Happy official Halloween!

I had to share these adorable pictures with you. These are from Janna‘s blog at  Apple Jacks Mommy!

Forget Jack in the box….This is Jack in the pumpkin! He doesn’t look to happy!!!

Hahahaha…ok he’s really NOT happy!! Mom…Get me outta here! lol
He’s thinking..”oh my gosh mom… imagine if any of my friends see me in this!”

ahhh, I got such a kick out of those pictures….I am so looking forward to watch Jack grow up! Speaking of cute babies…My nephew will be born in about 80 days….I’m sooo excited to meet him…
From babies to birthday parties….

We went to our friend’s birthday party last night:
Downstairs at the Keg in Yaletown. Sure was a nice time. Happy birthday Larry!!

As far as today goes, we are going to the Saskatchewan Roughrider Game. They can get pretty crazy.

Saskatchewan fans are so hardcore!!
Me and Dressler’s cousins last year:
So….we’ll see how it all goes down this year! I have a soft spot in my heart for the Riders because when I was a radio dj, I used to announce every Pre-Game show on the practice field, and I love all the fans. They are so fun. Here is a fan painting my face when I was doing my show:
Let’s Go Riders!!! clap clap, clap clap clap Let’s Go Riders clap clap, clap clap clap (and repeat…lots)

FYI…I have taken a bit of a break from training this weekend:(
We were so busy this week/weekend I let it slip… not cool..I know.
November is going to be such a great month though, in sooo many ways. Health, fitness, makeup, voiceovers, blog, life. I welcome November 2010 with open arms.

YESSSS. Again. I wish you a very Happy Halloween! Thank you so much for being you!

Daily Affirmation- ‎“I feel at one with all of life.” – Louise Hay

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