Goodness gracious. Yesterday I was hit with something harsh. Flu? I don’t know, but I was on the couch and not moving. Still coughing a bunch, but feeling a trillion times better than yesterday.

Everyone is in the Christmas spirit! Nice to see. This was the view from our last apartment on Beach Ave. They lit up this tree and some carollers were singing under it. It was very touching.

I was all crafty last year too and made vegan chocolate chip cookies, as well as vegan dark chocolate mint cookies…mmm. Click here for recipes and the kitchen pics!

Today the only thing I was “baking” was some Amy’s Soup. (Love this stuff!)

Amy's Organic Soup, Barley

I am starting to get packed up for the wedding. MAC doesn’t even make the lashes I like anymore, so I am debating between these lashes..

And these ones. These ones have some brown hairs too, which I think would look pretty and maybe more natural. I’ll probably wear these guys below.

Mom was getting her brows done and was telling the staff about my wedding and the “Ruby Slippers” I had to have and how much it meant to me. Well, one of the girls working there gave here this nail polish CALLED “Ruby Slippers” and said, “Take this, she has to have this colour”. How sweet is that???? And this Colour is beautiful.

I’m getting a mani/pedi tomorrow, but I will find a way to get that colour on my fingers. Hopefully they have it at the salon I’m going too, if not I will just add another coat or something. Eyebrows done tomorrow too! Woo hoo.

Anyway, I hope you are spreading your Christmas cheer for all to hear! I’ll talk to you soon!!!!!!!!


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  1. Natasha on 22 Dec 2011

    Hey, Have you ever tried lash extentions? They are awesome, you can get them done for one night or for a couple weeks. They measure out what lashes work best for you. I am a total lash addict now, LOL. Check out Noir Lash Lounge, there’s a couple locations in the LM.

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