TGIF! I have a relatively slow weekend, so I am really excited about that.

I could:

A.) Grab dingy and lounge around at the lake all day….


B) Hike 16km uphill in order to raise money for Breast Cancer Research at the 8th annual Seek The Peak.

You guys know me to well! I chose B! My triathlon partner/fellow blogger Kelli agreed to join me on my Trek.

seek the peak, 2011, grouse grind

The last race I did was the 5km Mothers Day race in Port Moody with my mom. It was an extremely flat course..tee hee.

The course tomorrow is a tad bit more challenging….

I have been making some snacks to bring along, such as my  Vegan Coconut Balls <- recipe!!

When we moved, I threw out my measuring cups because I wanted to get new, fancy ones- however I still haven’t bought them! So I had to wing it with the measurements. Here’s a picture from the last time I made them.Here’s me today:

They turned out pretty good:) I threw them in the freezer.

THEN, I made my HOMEMADE LARA BARS <-recipe. I baked some banana’s with sprinkled cinnamon.

cinnamon banana

Blended them up with almonds and dates.

I love when it rolls in a ball in the processor.

Smoosh down, place in fridge, cut into bars later!

I’m also washing my new water bottle in the dishwasher..Camelbak water bottle, MEC
And I pulled out the shirt I will wear tomorrow. (I figured I’d get in the spirit and wear pink!)

It is a race with all proceeds going to Breast Cancer Research. I raised $100 in less than 2 days!!

*Bill Beard
*Chelsea Grimson
*Tyler Korpan
*Kendra and James McGaughey
*Josh Rimer

*You all have some ridiculously, amazing, stellar, ginormous amounts of good Karma and good vibes coming your way.

I guess I better go get my beauty sleep? I kinda want to cut my bangs too, they are bugging me… We’ll see. Next time we talk though- I will have SEEKED THE PEAK!
Talk sooooooooooooooooooooon….


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