Hello!!!  How are you? :)

I am clapping my hands! This week I have been swimming, biking and running, into week 5 of my Triathlon Training. First, I must say- all apologies for getting this post up so late today… I have been up since 4:45am and literally 13 hours later, I have time to sit down and write my blog.

I am working on time management. What can I really fit in? I think I do a pretty decent job at it, but with voiceovers- I never know how many auditions or jobs I am going to get in a day- and today…was NUTS. Out of all the projects on the go- the most interesting was a proposal from a company in India. I am going to be voicing for a children’s education program in India! My clients notes were- speak SLOW and CLEAR. They are young kids and don’t speak great english. It’s fun project and the awesome thing is- this is an 18 month project!!! I love recurring work:)

As far as time management goes with my workout schedule, I know exactly when and where I’m training, it doesn’t mean I always FEEL like it though;) But I’m telling ya, once I am there (and sometimes, just when its’ over) I feel awesome, strong, and proud…

This morning we swam 1400m. At the end of our session, everyone was done and getting out of the pool, but I knew if I just did 50m more, I would have completed the WHOLE workout that my coach had for us. Bam… DONE.

I had a bike and strength training workout yesterday.. Me and the whole “weight-lifting thing” are not great friends, but I did a circuit. Bike was fine…

biking, tri training

I know- me and the pilsner hat…. I have to get a new hat! yo yo yo

This is my “I’m a lean, mean, fighting machine” face…

I also had a good run this week and I made a video to explain a couple tips. Disclaimer- this is what works for me, my coach tells me things and I relay them to you- However-It’s like the game telephone- by the time the information works it’s way through my brain and out my mouth- I know I don’t say things as good as she does. (We need to get her a youtube channel, lol- my coach ROCKS!)

And there ya have it!! Hope all is well in your world! Are you signing up for any races this season?? Remember- even if you don’t run- you can always “walk” races. It’s a great way to start. Races are fun and exciting.


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3 Responses

  1. Sarah on 03 Feb 2011

    That’s awesome Amanda!

    • admin on 03 Feb 2011

      Thanks Sarah! xoxo

  2. Jeff Shade on 04 Feb 2011

    Great work Amanda. The camera loves you and you’re so natural. Great tips too!

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