Happy Monday!

What is going down? Did you watch the Superbowl? We went over to a friends place. It was a typical scenario. The guys sat in front of the TV and us ladies sat around the kitchen table and talked. We were sure to watch the half time show and we cheered during touchdowns, but other than that the food and conversation were our winners! It was lots of fun! Perfect way to end an insanely busy week.. ohhhh and lookie here… another insanely busy week!! HAHA… what to do, except enjoy the ride!

WHY- I would be the WORST food blogger ever…
Food bloggers take pictures of EVERYTHING they eat… (well almost everything) I am doing a Vegan Challenge this week and I thought, hey maybe I could try being a food blogger for a week. Monday morning FAIL!

1. I eat my food too fast to take a picture of it
2. My food does not look pretty! (for lunch I had a can of chickpeas with salsa dumped on top)

Here is a picture of my breakfast. An Apple with homemade Almond Butter… (see…I took a bite out of the apple on the top left before I could get to my camera)

Like I’ve said before, I’m pretty much “vegan” already with the exception of occasional dairy (butter on popcorn, I love tzatziki, cream in coffee, etc). So this week, NO dairy at all. I have been full on vegan in the past. It’s really not THAT hard. There are sooo many vegan options. Remember the cookies I made at xmas? Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies are ridiculously yummy!

There are so many varying degrees of “vegan”. Some people think sugar is non-vegan because of the way it’s processed, there are so many technical aspects that one could consider. I think the key is to do what works for you and don’t judge others.

TO ME- vegan is no meat, no dairy and no animal bi products (geletin, etc).

I try to follow this chart:

So according to this chart, my next meal better be a salad considering I have not had any greens yet. This shake is also AMAZING  and yummy and is made of all ingredients on the bottom shelf;)

So ya, stay tuned this week. Maybe I’ll make something super cool and innovating… and maybe I won’t…lol

I’ve been working on this big job I got. Here is a video of me looking up hard works I don’t know how to pronounce and using the teleprompter.

We found this cool site where you can copy and paste your text into the teleprompter and use it for FREE. NEAT!

What else, what else…. OH, I am doing a workout class tonight with an amazing personal trainer. I will let you know how it goes. Other than that, working away, going to get my BERT brows threaded this afternoon and maybe get some more groceries…

Hope your having a great Monday! You are a genius and you apply your wisdom to everything you do! WAY TO GO!

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