It was such a beautiful morning. I had to snap some shots of the scenery and calmly took a deep breath in……

A deep breath out….


Sneeze=allergies! Awww man! I thought they would leave me alone this year…. I vowed I would not take allergy medication because a) I don’t want to get immune to some drug and b) They are expensive!

BUT- I figured taking a pill everyday for a couple of months is better than sneezing, dry itchy eyes and stuffed up sinuses! So I went with Reactine…

Do you take allergy meds? What kind do you take?

After my pill popping we went to Grouse Mountain to do some fun shooting! I love this sign at the bottom of Grouse:

Mike‘s ready to get some footage.

It was such a gorgeous day everywhere in Vancity!

COOOL- zip liners

We did get some stunning footage to show you- but I can’t show you yet!.. Soon though!

Other than all that mountain excitement, other highlights of my day were:
-I went for another great workout in the morning
-I made my super healthy amazing shake for breakfast
-Blew some really big bubbles with my gum on the car ride to Grouse
-Ran my dishwasher
-Made Mike potatoes
-Discovered that it’s time to get my eyebrows waxed, threaded or tweezed!

Enjoy your Friday night! I am working the next 4 days in a row (like morning to night), then next Wed it is FLORIDA TIME!
Also looking forward to reporting at the Down Set Hut football camp tomorrow!! Talk to you soon!



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