Wow this day is flying…  I just got caught up on 3 voice jobs, and then… I got 3 more… one of them being a 150 page audiobook. I am the official narrator of this book:

This book was just released a couple days ago. I had a pow wow on the phone with the author this morning and I’m good to go. I’ve never been the narrator of a new release audiobook. Feels pretty cool. But ya…gonna be BUSY this weekend…..

What else?? oh… this is how I flew home from Yellowknife yesterday:
“Hey West Jet, how do you say UNCOMFORTABLE in french?” Mike and I checked in late, so we both got middle seats… UGH!

The last bit of our trip was A+… I met THE Snow King… He is famous up North. Every year he makes a castle out of snow. Bands play in it, there is table and chairs, super neat-o mosquito… (no mosquito’s in winter… so I’ll say Neat-o Penguin-o)
The King…snow king, yellowknife
And his castle
Table and chairs
Guard dog (kinda felt bad for the little guy…tied up with an extension cord??)
Inside ice ornament
Checking out all the rooms
Take a look outsideSnow castle, yellowknife

Here is a statue of the Snow King, made out of snow;)
The sign says..watch out, the arm might fall off,haha
The Snow King’s house is actually a house boat…Yep…the Snow Castle is on a frozen lakesnow kings house boat, yellowknife

Look at me in the middle of the Arctic, only my eyes exposed, carrying around ski doo helmets… haha
So long Snow Castle!

Sorry for the late blog today! Just getting caught up on a billion things! Going good though- smiling ear to ear all day long…

Hearts and love and hugs and butterflies!

xoxo talk soon

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