I met my darling friend Diana and her love Sean for dinner at Vij’s on South Granville St. in Vancouver tonight. Cool thing about these cats is that last January, they met in Hawaii, but they are both originally from Perth, Australia. Dee lives in Vancouver now, but her mate Sean aka “Quarters” still lives in Perth. Anyway, 6 months after their meeting in Hawaii, he flew all the way to Canada from Australia to be with Dee. They are getting along swimmingly as you can tell by the below pictures!! Mike and I were trying to “relight” that honeymoon stage in the presence of them, lol!!

Haha, Mike is the shyest person I know to kiss in public. He’s a doll. I am Sooooooo happy for Diana and Sean though! (I predict wedding bells and a SWEET place for Mike and I to visit in Australia, haha)

The East Indian restaurant we went to was delish! (Vij’s Vancouver!!)

Lots of Vegetarian options! They even had my ultimate true love- 8th Generation Wine! (read my post about my visit to 8th Generation Vineyard!)

The sommelier was amazing!
We drank a bottle of 8th Generation Pinot Meunier Rose.

vij's. 8th generation wine

Delicious wine!

Thanks Diana and Sean for such a fun night and thanks to Vij’s in Vancouver (to be honest our server was meh,so/so…but everything else was splendid)

Styling place.

DO YOU KNOW WHAT ELSE IS STYLING??? The donations I received for my Seek The Peak Race on Saturday!!!

My dear childhood friend who owns Korpan Tractor in Saskatoon donated. Thank you Tyler Korpan! (he obviously is a breast cancer cure supporter-check out that awesome PINK tractor her has on his lot!!)

korpan tractor

And my friends James and Kendra that live in Yellowknife donated. (Thank you both!!!! lots of love!!!)

I promise to put my heart and soul into that 16km hike. I am still going solo so far-but if anyone wants to join me- let me know! OH and if you can’t hikeĀ Click here to donate.

Thank you all. I am so excited to “Seek The Peak” on Saturday. I assure you it will be gruelling. But I don’t call myself a tomboy for nothin’!

Sooooo much love and light and greatness to you all!!! xoxo

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3 Responses

  1. diana on 16 Jul 2011

    What a lovely lovely blog entry!!!!! Amazing! Thank you Amanda! That was just great!

  2. sean quartermaine on 21 Jul 2011

    Hey Amanda, This blog entry was such a cool thing to do.Hopefully there will be a happy ending for that final blog entry!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • admin on 21 Jul 2011

      Ohhh ya! I know it will be a happy ending! Can’t wait to come visit you guys:)
      SO nice to meet you Sean. You and Di are perfect together. I love it.

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