How To Narrate a Book in 4 Days…


I finished up my other projects this morning and I went to Kinko’s to print out the book I’m narrating, (rather using all our ink- with big projects- kinko’s is a good option) Cost me $23 to prink off 208 pages (I will use the other side of them when I am done.)

KINKOS broadway

Some things I am thinking about before I get in the sound booth to record this book:
-understand the content
-speak slower than I think I need to
-keep in mind the audience
-it’s a daunting task- but just get in there and start
-relax..did I say that already? lol

Neat tip I snagged from
“Don’t let punctuation dictate all that your voice must do. Use inflection to colour words well in order to authentically express what the author has in mind.”

Alright, I am feeling a bit better;) I know I can do it. It’s about 150 pages, so I will try to read 50 pages per day and then on Sunday- finish up the editing. It will be a lot of work, but it is also comforting earning rent and bills in 4 days!

Here are a few pictures of the last of my Yellowknife trip. Our last night in the NWT’s we went to a popular fish and chips place called Bullocks Bistro..

Marianne and Craig at the front of the restaurant..

bullocks bistro, yellowknife
Quaint and comfy atmosphere..bullocks bistro, yellowknife
Mmm, beers…
bullocks bistro, yellowknife
Sure, I’ll have one of those..Sure, I'll have one of those beers!

There are pictures and writing everywhereBuns were goood
Mikey likes em! Cutie.
Really pretty view
I think this was right after Mike and I asked Marianne and Craig to be our MC’s for our wedding! Woo Hoo!

They said YEP!

And lastly, I capped the evening off by leaving my mark in the Great White North

It was a glorious event.
Now for the next 4 days it will just be pictures of me in the sound booth, flipping pages.. exciting! haha… But please come back- I’m sure I’ll find something fun to say…..

Have an exceptionally wonderful rest of your day! You ROCK!

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  1. Red Deception on 25 Mar 2011

    I’m glad you liked my cold hometown! I moved away to Saskatoon and ended up coming back, I missed the Northern charm!
    Have a safe flight home!

  2. What a fabulous blog! Thanks so much for commenting on mine… glad I found yours and can’t wait to keep in touch! :)

    Good luck on the narrating! I’m sure it will be fantastic.

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