PHEWF! Yesterday was just one of those days. I was a little bit of a Negative Nancy and it seemed that I had challenges one after another. It was just about time for me to go for my run with the club and I was NOT feeling it. Boo, nooo… I wanna stay home and sulk…But I knew I had to go. Cliche story that’s been told a hundred times…but yes,  once I got into the run/finished the run… I felt like a brand new person. I was talking to a couple girls I run with and I was telling them my pre run hesitations. They said that the same thing happens to them… and we concluded that: THE TIME YOU FEEL LEAST LIKE RUNNING/EXERCISING IS WHEN YOU NEED IT THE MOST! I concur. I think the same is for taking a break when your super busy. If you just WAAY TO BUSY TO TAKE A BREAK, THAT’S WHEN YOU NEED IT THE MOST.

Speaking of breaks… I booked a hair appointment for next wed… and my hair stylist is in the states (here’s the story of WHY I get my hair done across the border)….In Bellingham… Why not go the day before and make a trip out of it? Am I right or am I right? So ya, we are leaving Tuesday and staying the night in Bellingham to do some shopping, relaxing and me getting my hair done…

I decided to go to a Bikram’s yoga class this morning (the HOT yoga)! It was a HARD class! I had to sit down a few times while the others carried on, I was just too hot and felt like I was either going to throw up or pass out!! Here is a guide of all the moves you do in one class.  You do each move twice. The diagram makes it look easy- but I assure you it’s not! 

When I got there and unrolled my mat, OOPS! My yoga mat was filthy from the last time I did an outdoor bootcamp

I did some research online and the best tips I found were:

1. Wash your mat in mild detergent and baking soda if you have more stubborn stains.  So I pulled out the mildest and only detergent I own (Tide),

2. Baking soda helps with stubborn stains (which I never ended up using)

3. Use a scrubber (I would have preferred a scrubber, but all I had was this j cloth)

how to wash your yoga mat

4. You can put it in the washer on low too, but I used my tub:)

5. Pour over a bit of your “mild” detergenthow to wash your yoga mat

6. Put your stopper in and start scrubbinghow to wash a yoga matGood arm workout, hahawash yoga mat

And wipe excess water off and then hang to dry!hang your yoga mat to dry after cleaning

YAY! Good job! All done:)

Now that my mat is happily dryer in my bathroom, the next time I hit up yoga, I won’t offend any other yogi’s!

I’m going for coffee tonight with Andrea, and Mike and I are going for a coffee right now..UH OH..

We haven’t had a daily affirmation in a while, so here goes… take this one to heart, because you are amazing <3
“I radiate success, and I prosper wherever I turn.” - Louise L. Hay

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  1. robin on 04 Mar 2011

    If you have a washing machine it’s a lot easier! just don’t put it in the dryer afterwards…

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