Tuesday eh? Anything exciting going on? For me- just busy voicing projects and I just went for a very light swim earlier. Mike and I are getting ready to go for a trip to Saskatchewan to visit our families. One thing I have GOT TO DO before I leave tomorrow is clean up my apartment. I don’t like coming home from a trip to a messy place.

I also want to wash my makeup brushes. The most effective method of brush washing for me is using baby shampoo and laying them flat to dry. I anticipate I will be doing makeup for a couple family members here and there during the trip;)

I went into Sephora recently and GUESS WHAT? My friend Sherry that I went to makeup school with made the 2011 Sephora PRO Team! She is in NYC right now for fashion week doing makeup for all the BIG Fashion Houses! I am sooo proud of her! She was chosen out of 1300+ makeup artists to make the team of 14! Holy Moley!

Here’s us in makeup school…nothing like a hair train to pass the time… (notice how no one wanted to sit in front of me? haha)

So, now that Sherry is BIG TIME… You can bet your bottom dollar that when I saw her a couple weeks ago I picked her brain on everything that she has learnt and what some of her favourite Sephora products are these days.. Here is what she said to buy… (Keep in mind my makeup kit is about 50 pounds, so these are things I don’t already own)

1. Tarte Eye Liner

I like it, it is waterproof, nice intense black and has that aqua look. My only problem is that I like to blend over it with a thin eyeliner brush because the precision isn’t immaculate, but it is definitely a good purchase!

2. Givenchy Instant light Concealer

This concealer is good for dry skin. Not good for blemishes, but is a nice under eye concealer that adds some brightness and cuts our purple bags.

3. Nars Laguna Bronzer

Hearts and kisses all around for this bronzer.. It is beautiful. Has a nice light shimmer.

4. Clinique Redness Solution foundation

Holy Cow, I can’t believe Sherry convinced me to buy Clinique! I normally DO NOT like anything from this brand.. but Sherry converted me… (at least with the foundation) My skin normally has a bit of redness and this foundation worked well, at a very good price. Still NOT my favourite foundation by any means, but a nice addition to the kit and good for makeup clients too!

5. Nars multiple stick in Portofino (Sherry was getting mad at me, cuz I kept calling it Portabello..hee hee)

Sherry said the Portofino multiple stick would be better than the Orgasm Multiple stick because the colour is more vibrant and will last longer, but it is still a pinky-coral… I like to use cream blushes UNDER a regular blush (like Orgasm). It looks fresh and pretty! These sticks are expensive ($46!) but I am happy with it so far!

And I also bought a new Shu Eumera eyelash curler, because they are the best

I didn’t have time to get anymore stuff because we ran out of time! I think I would have just kept buying whatever she said.. haha I’m going to ask her what her favourite lip gloss is next:) She said when she gets back from NYC, she would do a lil interview with the blog!! Woo hoo..
I am sooo proud of you SHERRY!

I also got a couple presents for my sister- in -laws (and mom), as we are celebrating Christmas this weekend since we couldn’t be together in Dec…

They wrapped it so pretty!! Fun stuff! Ok- I better get back to work! ahhhhh

BUT FIRST.. something that Sephora DOES NOT have that I drool and lose sleep over!

ahhh…. The trouble is a 1 ounce jar is like $200….




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