Oh Monday…a day I love because it is full of unlimited potential (I never know what clients are going to hire me, etc) BUT…It’s always….a… MONDAY! Get back at it. Up at 5am and get to work..

A typical Monday morning

-Up at 5:15am

-coffee is ready to go (timer…YESS)

-listen to Morning Coach Podcast

-listen to a voiceover Podcast (or listen to a daily meditation)

-warmup my voice (wake up neighbors! lol)

-keep an eye on my voice accounts and watch the auditions start rolling it

-get to work and see where the day takes me

I love you Monday- bring me lots of awesome jobs today ok?? Thanks! I need it to pay forall the groceries we bought yesterday,lol! I love being stocked up.

I also made some almond butter yesterday! It turned out really good. I got a the recipe idea from Katheats.com, but I call it:

Allman Brothers style Almond Butter, (I know, it makes no sense!)

2 cups of almonds

drizzle on maple syrup and molasses.

roast at 350′ for 30 minutes, let cool for another 30 min

throw in processor, add some salt and another drizzle of oil and take it for a spin

Did you know that molasses contain A LOT of Iron, calcium, Vitamin B and other vitamins and minerals? (I googled it)

Drizzle it on your Almonds

And bake….Once they are done, throw them in your processor (the molasses turns them dark)

add some salt and a little touch of oil (just so it isn’t dry)

I took a break to look down the rabbit hole, looking good…keep going boys!

Starting to get even finer, this is after about 2-3 minutes of spinning

Once it was a good buttery consistency, I spooned it into a jam jar (remember I ate that whole jar of jam recently?) Well, it worked perfect.

Before I could stop him, Mike came and dug his finger in the top, lol. I didn’t bother telling him I wanted to take a picture of it first, I let it go- don’t sweat the small stuff;)

homemade almond butter

It’s way darker than normal almond butter because of the roasting molasses stage. Next time, I think I will skip the maple syrup and molasses to see how it is just plain. This is still really tasty. Perfect for my apples and rice cakes.

NOW- I have something to share – I became an Auntie this morning!!! My mom told me to keep it on the down low until my brother had a chance to tell people, but I’m sure by the time I post this- everyone will know. I am to excited to keep it in.

Jasper Dale Sellers was born in Saskatoon at 9am this morning weighing 7 pounds 2 oz. My mom said that my sister in law (and new mommy) Nicole looked so good that she could bounce out of bed and go for a jog. So yes, mommy and baby are doing amazing. I am beside myself and cannot wait to meet him. Hearts, hugs, kisses and love to my precious nephew.

I’m gonna go freak out for a while! Have an amazing day!!!!


Daily Affirmation-“I open my heart to more love every day.” - Louise L. Hay

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