We went into Hollywood yesterday. These were my dates, Tia and Diana!

Cafe Gratitude, LA

First stop was Cafe Gratitude on Larchmont. Such an amazing place. It’s all Raw/Vegan.

This Green Juice was called “I am Gorgeous”.

The Gorgeous, Cafe Gratitude, LA

This is the “I’m Extraordinary” (Vegan BLT)

Cafe Gratitude, LA

This is the “I am Local” (Arugula Salad)

Cafe Gratitude, LA

This is the “I am Hearty” (raw pizza)

Cafe Gratitude, LA

I LOVED the Plates! I really want to buy one They are $24 bucks to buy.  Should I?

Cafe Gratitude, LA

A nice lady sitting across from us took our picture..

Cafe Gratitude, LA

Cool, artistic stained glass sliding gate just off Melrose…

Melrose Ave, LA

Shopping on Melrose.

Melrose Ave

After shopping on Melrose, we went to Hollywood Blvd..

Took a walk through some of the shops..

kodak Theater

The famous Roosevelt Hotel.

Grauman’s Theater…

Chinese Theater, Hollywood Blvd.

I had to check out Marilyn’s block at the Grauman’s Chinese Theater.(Her hands and feet got a bit cut off…oops..)

Here it is in full bloom…

Here’s when she actually did it in 1953.

Dee at Cary Grant’s square..

Dee with Darth Vader and a Storm Trooper!

Then we went to the Rainbow and had an awesome time. When we left, we were talking to the paparazzi for a second. They were waiting for Russel Brand who was apparently on his way to a tattoo shop on Sunset.

It’s so weird, but I googled it and here’s the shot they got last night…Russel Brand

Let’s call it “Holly-crazy!” (but fun in medium doses…)

Great day today at the Agape Center, Venice, Santa Monica, etc..

Love and Light!

Nighty Night.

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