Happy Monday! From the looks of facebook status updates, crappy weather is taking place everywhere (well in Nothern America at least) I look outside and see rain and lots of my peeps across Canada are seeing snow. AHHH! What to do? It is in this moment that we need to be bright and cheery more than ever. It is so easy to get down when we look outside and see BLA weather and think..Oh great, winter is here. Look at it as a new opportunity. What are you going to do this winter that it going to kick ass and make you happy?

Things I want to accomplish during the colder months:

-Pumpkin patch this weekend!
-Carve the pumpkin =)
-workout! workout! workout! (also think about triathlon training)
-take a class (maybe photography, art or cooking? any suggestions?)
-yoga and meditation feel nice and warm in winter
-volunteer as a reader for the blind
-take some pro makeup classes
- continue singing with the choir
-write some new songs
-read and drink more tea
-bundle up and go for walks in the rain

Any other ideas? What are you up to during the upcoming months?

This is the view outside my window this am

I pulled out my slippers this am..moccasins from family in Sask….Red pair from Ikea..ha…!

Onto my happy accident! I was searching for my Costco card in my wallet and a Sephora gift card magically fell out!
Thank you little songs birds that placed this in my wallet!

Soooo…How much is on it? Who knows…What do I need? That is the important question!

A few items on my Sephora wish list:

Nars “orgasm” blush (best blush in the biz)

Nars “laguna” bronzer (perfect glow in the winter months)

Two Faced shadow insurance (your eyeshadow will not fade!)

And the sold out (grrr) “naked” Urban Decay palette that I long for

To banish dark circles, blemishes….Laura Mercier will show you the way

Always liked this at home microdermabrasion by Dr. Brandt

After you’ve scrubbed… How about some Argan Oil from Josie Maran You can use it face/hands/hair…

Last but not least: love this Scent by Lolita Lempika

What’s on your Sephora wish list right now? I assure you, this is just a start…I could go on and on!

Also…have you looked through your wallet lately? Anything good?

Have a bright, bright sun shining day (no matter what!!)


Daily Affirmation- ‎“I am peaceful with all of my emotions. I love and approve of myself.Louise Hay

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  1. margarita on 20 Jan 2011

    I have the NARS Orgasm, and it’s the only blush people will actually comment on! it’s so pretty!!! I like the multiple by nars too!

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