Good afternoon party people!  How ya doing? What happy thoughts are you thinking today? I’m getting back into the groove after being away for a week.

NOTE: the sentence above was written hours ago.. I got side tracked… but I’m BACK!

All day I have been doing this:

Voice, edit, send, REPEAT! It’s been a great day though. I like working for people from all over the world. It’s pretty neat how technology works these days. I get shocked if I get a local job, (like today I got one for a company in Victoria and I thought- WOW! We’re neighbours!)

I did get out of my cave (sound booth) for bit this afternoon. I took one look out my window and I was itching to get outside.

Enough time to go to the bank and get some groceries. Here is Robson Street this afternoon. Good thing I got a picture of that mini van turning left! Imagine if I missed that shot??

Mike and I stayed at that tall hotel when we first moved here… Seems like sooo long ago!

As soon as we got home from the bank/groceries, I was starving- Time to make a salad using the crazy new kitchen knife my brother bought me. It’s an awesome knife…but I think Mike should start using a cutting board. 

We also got this great new book from my other brother and sister in law:

I took a picture of it by my bed to make it look like I read before bed…hmm…This is something I used to do…When I wasn’t busy 24 hours a day! I really want to make time for reading before bed again…I guess the only person I need to convince is myself….. ok here goes…
“hey Amanda..”
“You should really start finding more time to relax and maybe even read before bed-you used to do it and you liked it.”
“UMM OKAY!!!!”
YESSS, I win;)

When I was given the book, (oops, I forgot- the book was a gift for Mike not me- oh well.. close enough). When we got the book, We started talking about nutrition (my sister in law is a nutritionist) and we discussed how after a workout- it is important to consume “recovery foods”. Then I remembered a great tip from my coach. She said drink some chocolate milk (or soy chocolate milk) after a hard workout.

It is a GREAT recovery drink. It has a perfect 3-1 carb to protein ratio. Which is something you should try to consume after workouts to enhance fast recovery.

I had some Soy Chocolate milk now since I just got home from hill training with my triathlon club. It tastes kinda chalky and it goes down fast! But it was good and something I will continue to drink after training.. (I just noticed I took the picture on the french side..oops)

I CRUSH YOU!chocolate soy milk, recovery drink
I also had a handful of dried cranberries and almonds. Now I’m just trying to drink water and rehydrate.

Here’s how our hill run went down:running hills, triathlon training

We started with a 15 minute warm up. Once we got to the bottom of our chosen hill, (which was long and drawn out, not too steep, but definitely a STEADY climb.)

1.We Ran up 3 blocks, back down slow for recovery

2. Then we ran up 2 blocks (increasing intensity though on way up), jog back down slow for recovery-

3. Then Ran up 1 block pretty much as hard as we could and slowly jog down

We did this set twice, followed by a 15 minute cool down. This is something you could totally do on your own if your training for a race. Of course it’s easier if you have a group- but try to challenge yourself and do hills on your own! THEY FEEL GOOOOOD (when your done… haha)

I’m going to do some more stretching and tidy up a bit (my dishwasher broke again…grrr…doing dishes by hand) Then it’s bed!

What is your GO-TO recovery food/drink???


Daily affirmation “”I am healthy, happy, and whole.” – Louise L. Hay

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3 Responses

  1. Margarita on 22 Feb 2011

    I’m doing a course to do nutrition through Alive Academy in Vancouver! Its a great program! And soy milk rocks my world! so so so good! :-)

    I’m gonna run either the 10K or half marathon in Ottawa in September for the army (doing it for my brother)…. you guys should come! It would be so fun!

  2. Wow, it’s totally beautiful where you live – *jealous*!

    My go to recovery drink is forgoodnesshakes (vanilla or berry) but because it’s pitched specifically as a recovrey drink (ideal carb-protein ratio) I have to sell an organ every time I buy a case. If regular old chocolate milk does the same job then I’m definitely going ot go with that from now on!

  3. Klaus on 24 Feb 2011

    Recovery Drink: Organic 1% Chocolate Milk. And yes I buy the ones from Costco in the individual packs like your Soy Milk. Kinda feeling guilty about the waste, but they are soooo convenient! Just chuck in your bag and go!

    Another great book on Sports/Endurance Nutrition is “Racing Weight” by Matt Fitzgerald.

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