YAY, Friday is here! What are you up to this weekend?

Yesterday afternoon we went to Port Moody to look at places. We did not find “the one” and then I started having doubts about moving out of downtown. I am so torn as to what to do..here are the pro’s and cons:

Living downtown

-close to EVERYTHING

-can walk pretty much anywhere

-often downtown for friends/music/work

-feels like home to me

Living in Port Moody

-change is good, but we’d have to commute more

-live right in the mountains with lakes and trails galore (it’s like a lil whistler village-definitely small town feel)

-way bigger living space (including things like gorgeous kitchen- dishwasher:) amazing amenities in the building

-I work from home so the space will be a big bonus

What do you think????

Mike says try not to think about until after the weekend. okay okay, lol
Stormtech’s Showroom Event was a blast last night. They know how to throw a party!

I took pictures, but they are not on this computer, so all I can show you is this:

I am on all the tags for this fleece jacket! Woo hoo!

We are on our was out to Hornby Island today. Our friends Lindy and Trong are getting married. I am doing the makeup for the bridal party and Mike is filming the wedding video!

Here is me on the ferry at 6am!!!  zzzzzz

HOWEVER, I can’t complain about being tired. My BFF Janna just had a baby yesterday and she keeps texting me at crazy hours saying how tired she is! She texted me at 3am last night and told me both her husband and baby were passed out, both snoring together! CUTE! Her baby is soo frikin adorable, I have to admit- looking at pictures of him makes me want one! (NOT for a while tho…..)

She emailed me this pic late last night of mommy and baby Jack  :

He is so cute….look at all that hair!

I did not do my p90x this morning! I will make up for the videos I miss next week. That’s how I gotta roll. I committed to doing this program and ANY one that I miss will be made up for….

Have a fantastic weekend and stay outta trouble!!!

Daily affirmation“I love all of God’s Creatures.”Louise Hay

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