Good afternoon? Evening? It’s exactly 5pm, call it what you will!

It’s been a great day. I did my tri workout this am. 90 minutes on the bike, with a 10 minute run on the treadmill. This was my first “Brick” workout, (where you go from bike to run…like in a race!! woo hoo) It was such an amazing workout. I felt so good after.

Then I quickly had a shower and headed out to my friends movie premiere at the Rio Theatre in East Van. It was soooo great. It’s about being in a band, how tough it is, the journey. To be honest, it made me cry. It made me miss playing music and made me super nostalgic about the past. I thought these guys did an awesome job at portraying their journey in the music industry. The director/writer of the film, had been taking footage for over 10 years!! The trailer is here.

On the way to the theatre, I met a really nice gorilla.

Ok Frank, I have to go watch a movie now, talk to you soon ok!!  Good Bye!!

frank the ape

(Mike thought I was super weird for wanting my picture with an ape, but he’s more than just an ape. He has feeling too..)

Ok, I’m done being crazy! At the theatre, we got some popcorn… The girl working behind the till had super cool hair. It was long on one side, shaved on the other… I thought it was rad.. (no picture of it though, lol)

Popcorn in hands, we made our way into the theatre. It was AWESOME!

After the movie was done, we had to booker home. I had a job for a hair removal company to voice, then Mike had a voice audition! He is auditioning for the male role in the big 18 month project I got! Crossing Fingers. The producer thinks it would be easy to hire us both, so we are hoping that his client gives the green light.

I better getting going. Hope your Saturday is going great….. Hey- did you hear about all oprah’s staff going vegan for a week? Now lots of people are trying it. Do you want to try it? This one blogger is organizing a vegan week from Feb. 7-13th. Check out her facebook page here. Join if you want. I am doing it (not hard- i’m basically vegan already- just need to cut out cream in coffee) but my sister in law is going to do it… Some others too.



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