Last night, in our no-tv living room, we pulled up a couch to my computer to watch the Canucks win the first game in the Stanley Cup!

It was pretty gloomy and cloudy out….

So I literally lit every candle I could see in my place… Its fun!
And relaxing…
Oh! There’s another one.
K that’s good for now!

This morning I went for a workout at our gym and came back and made my special morning shake!
I added extra spinach today for extra iron..
Ironically I went to the doctor and she made me get a blood test to make sure I wasn’t low in iron…
Ouchie! I don’t like needles.
I also asked my doctor about a foot problem I have been having. I don’t like to talk about it because I don’t want to attract more pain. It’s not bad, but right at the ball of my left foot by my toes, I get a little pain there sometimes. My doctor says its nothing to worry about, it’s just a pinched nerve. She said just don’t run for a bit and it will heal itself.
I got these puppies to help stretch it out a bit.
I tried them for 20 minutes or so and it seemed to help… I will try them for a couple weeks every day and let you know how it goes!Any one else ever try these?

I also bought some more of this Glaxal Base! I love it.
I went to Holt Renfrew a few weeks ago and was talking to the lady at the Creme De la Mer counter. I was going to spend $200+ on Creme De la mer for my sensitive, dry skin. The lady suggested trying Glaxal Base, instead of spending $200 on her cream. I was floored that she didn’t push the sale, cause I would have bought La mer. However, I am very grateful for her recommendation. I love this stuff! Glaxal Base rocks on my skin!!!

K, well I am going to an event tonight so I will talk with ya tomorrow!!
Love and lots and lots of candle light!



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