I’ve gotten a few emails about where I have disappeared too and why I am not posting. I am soooo sorry. I have been utterly consumed with work and things going on, and basically anytime I am not working, I am laying down! WHY? BECAUSE I AM PREGNANT!!!!

Crazy, crazy, crazy! It comes as a complete surprise, but also an absolute blessing. With my nearly-fatal ectopic pregnancy, I was told it may be challenging for me to conceive…but apparently not! Mike and I were NOT planning at all.

We thought since we JUST got married, we’d wait a few years and get the business really rocking, but now we’ll also be rockin a baby! We can do it though, I know we will make it work.


Pretty funny cause we were in LA, working, having fun, living the California life until 1 day, I knew something wasn’t normal. I had been cramping for a few weeks already and I was super late on my period, as soon as we got back to Canada I bought 2 pregnancy tests….


It was kinda funny cause I pee’d on it, and I didn’t know how it worked, so mike came in and grabbed it and said, “omg, you’re pregnant”. “WHAT????”

HUGE surprise, but a very happy one. We are just floored. Since I knew I had potential of a high risk pregnancy, the next day I went to the hospital to make sure it was in the right place. (I remembered the doctors saying years ago, that because of my surgery, I need to be closely monitored if I get preggers again)

This is what we got to see… (I put a little bee beside it, so you could see the outline of the yolk sac (it’s the faint white thing)
It was still just a yolk sac, but it was in the right place! I was super excited about that. It looks like I was on my way to a successful pregnancy.

HOWEVER… I have had atrocious morning sickness, or shall I say ALL DAY sickness. I have never felt so gross day after day. AND SO tired- day in and day out. One day I went to bed at 6pm and didn’t wake up until the next day (see- that’s why I haven’t been blogging) AHH. I got some diclectin from my doctor. It is a mix of Unisom (yes the sleeping pill) and Vitamin B6. So really I could have saved a bunch of money and just bought the 2 medicines and combined them, but they gave this combo a fancy name and charged me $50 for 30 pills. I guess it helped a bit, but then you just get tired. Catch 22


Also, the thought, vision, and smell of green salads have made me ill :(

So I have been taking a slew of vitamins to hopefully give the baby some of the nutrients I haven’t been supplying it with through food.

Really frustrating though. I know this is the most important time to eat well and I can’t stomach greens… They say it will pass. I am basically out of my 1st trimester and the sickness has slowly subsided a bit, as well as the tiredness. I am starting to feel better. I can see the light, haha!

I CAN however drink these Green Goodness shakes. It consists of Lemon, Kale, Apples, Banana and ginger. THESE have been awesome. I think because we put a lot of lemon in them, I can’t taste the green and they have been really refreshing.

I had my 12 week ultrasound yesterday and the baby is doing amazing! It was bouncing like crazy and I couldn’t stop laughing and smiling.


Mike and I are already fighting about who it looks more like, haha.

And like proud parents, we have these pictures taped to the fridge. I am really excited to go through this. Yes, I can deal without the sickness and tiredness, but I know it’s all leading up to something amazing- I have a human growing inside me! It’s nuts. Mike and I made this video to share with some extended family and friends the good news!

Have a look…

I seriously tried to sing, but I couldn’t stop crying, haha. Oh golly….

I will come back as soon as I can. Lots more to talk about. I hope all is well in your world! Love, love love and lots of light!!!!!

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS!! What wonderful news! All the best for you and Mike! xx

  2. Lindsay on 13 Jul 2012

    Hey Amanda,
    You’ve been quiet for some time and I’m worried that things aren’t good for you.. I know you were quite sick in the first trimester but you’ve been silent since… I hope you’re just taking a break and looking after yourself and it isn’t anything serious…. Take care hun.

    Lindsay from Ontario

    • admin on 15 Jul 2012

      Hey Lindsay- sorry! I am doing good- pregnancy has been pretty crazy for me with some complications- so I just gave myself time to rest. I am getting fired back up to blog again- I miss blogging so much. The 2nd half of my pregnancy is looking like it’ll be awesome- so I’m coming back right away. Hope you are having a great summer so far!!

  3. Agne on 28 Aug 2013

    Hi! I came accross your blog by typing “atrocious morning sickness” on google. Just wanted to say that I really liked your post. I am having atrocious ms at the moment and your positive thoughts made it somewhat less atrocious (well, at least for a few minutes). So, thanks for sharing! By the way, I liked your Redondo Beach picture. I actually live in Redondo :-)

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